Gilbert Cup and Stokes Cup


July 18th - 21st 


Great effort by the 5 girls who competed in the Gilbert Cup and Stokes Cup teams in Daventry.


Day 3: 

The Gilbert team finished on 7 points, Ireland 8, Scotland 10 and congratulations to England who took the title with 11 points.

The girls did their best, made considered decisions, learnt from a few mistakes and showed great team spirit and support throughout.

meg   alyssa   eva
Meg Alyssa Eva


This was great preparation for all the girls who will be competeing in various national and internationl events this summer. Alyssa, Imogen and Stephanie will be at the British Junior champs soon. Alyssa will be competing in the ladies Olympiad team, Meg is going to the World Juniors, Stephanie and Imogen are competing in the European Youth. 


team    shirt


Round 6 ~ Gilbert Cup


 Scotland    Wales
Ali Roy 0.5 - 0.5    Megan Owens
Alice Lampard  1 - 0    Alyssa Wang 
Anna Milton 0.5 - 0.5    Eva Los
   2 - 1  

Eva played well and took the draw in a very comfortable position. Alyssa had a solid opening and middle game but it became a complicated end game and Alyssa came 2nd : (

Meg was dominant for much of the game but it slipped away as did her time and a draw was agreed.


Stokes Cup:


Scotland    Wales 
Kai Pannwitz 1 - 0    Stephanie Du Toit 
Declan Shafi  0.5 - 0.5   Imogen Camp


The team lost 2-4 this afternoon but overall came 2nd to England in the event. Stephanie won the trophy for the Welsh team best score. The girls performances definitely made a huge contribution to the team score and they must be very pleased with themselves.

steph   Imogen  andrew
Stephanie Imogen - we must keep these dads under control !



Round 5 ~ Gilbert Cup


Wales   England
Megan Owens Draw   Chantelle Foster
Alyssa Wang  1 - 0   Jennifer Ehr
Eva Los 0 - 1   Cosima Keen
1.5 - 1.5


Meg took the draw after an interesting middle game but couldn't get the win without creating weaknesses. Alyssa had an exciting game where she bravely declined a draw offer when she was a pawn down, but went on to over power her opponent in the end game to get the win the team needed. Eva got outplayed this morning.

Going into the last round England have 9.5 points, Scotland 8, Ireland 6.5, Wales 6


Stokes Cup:


  Wales   England
2 Stephanie Du Toit  0 - 1 Gautam Jain
3 Imogen Camp  Draw Matthew McLachlan



Day 2 ~ Gilbert Cup




Megan Owens Draw Ali Roy 
Alyssa Wang  0 - 1 Alice Lampard 
Eva Los  Draw Anna Milton 
1 - 2

Unfortunately lost to Scotland this morning. My on-the-spot reporter told me she took a tactical draw as both board 2 and 3 looked good, but the plan didn't quite come together as the end result shows !


Wales  Ireland
Megan Owens 1 - 0 Sarah J Hearne
Alyssa Wang  Draw Ruth Cormican
Eva Los 0 - 1 Diana Mirza
    1.5 - 1.5  

The afternoon match ended in a draw with Ireland. Meg felt she dominated the game throughout and made sure of the win. Alyssa was in a winning position and then let it slip away to a draw. Eva doesn't want to think about what happened but I am sure learnt from it !


Stokes Cup:


  Wales   Scotland
2 Stephanie Du Toit  0 - 1 Kai Pannwitz
3 Imogen Camp  Draw Declan Shafi 


Stephanie lost this morning and Imogen felt her draw was a fair result.  The team lost 2- 4.


  Wales   Ireland
2 Stephanie Du Toit  1 - 0 Tom McGrath
3 Imogen Camp  1 - 0 Michael Higgins


Both girls were obviously showing their girl-power this afternoon with 2 wins. The team however still lost 2.5 - 3.5 




Day 1 ~ Gilbert Cup :


Wales England
Megan Owens  0 - 1 Chantelle Foster
Alyssa Wang 0 - 1 Jennifer Ehr
Eva Los  0 - 1 Cosima Keen
0 - 3

The Gilbert team lost to England 3 - 0 in the morning. On board 1 Meg was last to finish in the whole room and was winning but that's no points if your clock runs out ! On board 2, Alyssa was making her debut for the Gilbert Cup Team. She played too passively and got outplayed, and then unluckily missed a draw option near the end. Eva had a close game for the most part and while Jennifer attacked her queenside  Eva was defending well but when a queenside attack followed Eva couldn't defend quick enough.


Ireland  Wales
Sarah J Hearne Draw Megan Owens
Ruth Cormican Draw Alyssa Wang
Diana Mirza 0 - 1 Eva Los 
1 - 2


Wales beat Ireland in the afternoon but my reporter was too tired to tell me anymore !


Stokes Cup:


Bd Wales   England
2 Stephanie Du Toit  Draw Gautam Jain
3 Imogen Camp  Draw Matthew McLachlan


Stephanie and Imogen had a good start to the event and drew in the morning to the English players, although the team lost 2 - 4.


  Ireland   Wales
2 Tom McGrath 0 - 1 Stephanie Du Toit 
3 Michael Higgins 1 - 0 Imogen Camp


The team drew with Ireland. Stephanie won in the afternoon and although Imogen lost, she learnt a valuable lesson  - with her opponent having seconds left Imogen continued to look for winning combinations rather than just playing moves, and then her own clock ran out ! Imogen is keeping a Facebook blog




The event is underway and the results are on the website - Gilbert Cup .


The Under 18 Girls team are Megan Owens, Eva Los and Alyssa Wang.  Imogen Camp and Stephanie du Toit are playing in the Stokes team.




Stephanie, Eva, Megan, Alyssa, Imogen 


The Gilbert Cup team had their t-shirts provided by Megan to earn a web-plug for her new on-line shop offerering girls chess accessories - 4 ChessieChicks .

An idea that developed from all the support she got for her fundraising at the National Girls Final







Susan Owens ~ Parent





GM Hou Yifan

Women's World Champion