Management Board Statement

"A parental complaint following the 2012 World Youth Chess Championships was considered and unanimously rejected by Junior Committee.  This complaint was then submitted to the Management Board who unanimously found there was no case to answer. The Appeal Committee, having had the parties present, considered all the information put before them and decided unanimously that the decision of the Management Board was not unreasonable to make in the light of the information presented at that time.

 The Management Board are aware that the complainants have blindcopied ordinary members of the WCU prior to and following the appeal. We are also aware that the complainants have posted on a public forum.  We would invite members who have received emails from the complainants relating to the complaint to report this to the Executive Director.  The Management Board reserves the right to take any disciplinary action which it deems appropriate at any stage in the future with regards to inappropriate postings on a public forum and the blindcopying to members of the WCU."