Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2014

Charles Morris wins Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2014


In this the fifth year of the competition in memory of Geof, the judges, Stuart Hutchings (who did the donkey work of filtering qualifying games from on-line databases), Dave James and Howard Williams, looked at 23 games (about the same as for 2013) which met our basic criteria.  In short, these are wins or draws by Welsh players against foreign opposition rated both 2250 or over and 150 points or more above the Welsh player.  The 23 games consisted of eight wins (up from four last year) and 15 draws.


The drawn games were all hard-fought and interesting and in a number the Welsh player had chances to win towards the end of the game or could have played on rather than settle for half a point.  Among the draws were two remarkable escapes by Richard Dineley with Black against GMs Mark Hebden and Nigel Davies.


Of the 8 decisive games, the three which the panel unanimously favoured were played by Charles Morris last April in Croatia in the European Seniors Team Championship (for over 50s in this particular event), by Jane Richmond in August in the Women’s Olympiad in Tromso and by Bill Hewitt the following month in the European Club Cup in Bilbao.  All are good attacking games with White.  Jane triumphed in a tense and complex struggle In the French and Bill maintained an iron grip against his opponent’s Modern Defence  but in the end the panel were unanimous in awarding the prize to Charles for the most original of the three games.  Charles whips up an unexpectedly rapid and vicious attack from a quiet opening and his IM opponent is competely overwhelmed. This game was played for Wales – Gwent in the last round of the ESTC against the Turkish national team and enabled our team to hold their tenth-seeded opponents to a 2-2 draw, to finish several places above their own seeding. 


The three games with notes can be found in Chessbase format here and as a text file here.

We are already collecting games for the 2015 competition but there is no need to wait until the year end before sending to me those that meet the basic rules; see above. Annotated games are particularly welcome. Prize rules are here.


Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2014



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British Chess Championship 2015 - University of Warwick, Coventry

The British Chess Championships are being held between 25th July – 7th August at the University of Warwick, Coventry. The Welsh Chess Union has been offered three places for this year's championships. The people selected will still have to pay the entry fee. If you are interested in playing please could you contact me, Tom Brown via the international director's email address. The places will be offered based on rating and whether the player is still qualified as a junior. The tournament is very strong so at a minimum a Welsh rating of 2000 is anticipated to be required (1800 for juniors.)

If there is sufficient demand for places a selection meeting will be held after the Welsh Championships in April. Could all those interested please let me know by 7th March 2015. 
Thank you.
Tom Brown

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