Henry Golding Chessboard Trophy Welsh Championships


The Henry Golding Individual Championship Trophy presented at the Welsh Championships each year to the Welsh Champion.







Henry Golding founded the Welsh Chess Union in 1954. He was born in London but spent 30 years living in Rogerstone, Monmouthshire, eventually retiring in 1969 when he moved to Cornwall.  He dedicated a lot of time and effort to local and national chess affairs, and held the official title of President of the WCU between 1960-1964.


He was on the committee that organised the first Welsh Championship held over Easter in 1955. This was a five round event open to qualifiers of zonal events, one round was played per day, 40 moves in 2 hours and entry was a pound. Henry Golding was Purchasing Manager for Northern Aluminium and this was probably an influencing factor for the material used for the magnificent trophy along with inspiration from the design of the Greenleaf-Rowthorn Trophy, a wooden chessboard with silver plaques presented by the Newport & District League.




Noral 53

Noral Chess Team winners Newport League 1953

Rear: JL Hamilton, AG White, FR Jackson, HB Davies

Front: RG Cable, H Pugh, H Golding, E Osment


WCU Championship Trophy

  The Henry Golding Trophy being presented by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, with Henry looking on.

Round 2 Welsh 1955

Round 2 of the 1955 Welsh Championships


Year Welsh Champion
1955 Arthur S Griffiths
1956 Briant Peter Bourne
1957 M E Wise & Grahame F Barnard
1958 Brian V Douthwaite
1959 Donald A Curtis
1960 Pat J Bennett
1961 Pat J Bennett & John Denley Mills
1962 Arthur O Jones & W D Newcombe
1963 George P Moore
1964 Graham H Chesters
1965 David Ian Wishart Reynolds
1966 David John Sully
1967 Colin Gilbert
1968 Arthur Howard Williams, Mikhail Gavrilovic
1969 Mikhail Gavrilovic
1970 Mikhail Gavrilovic, Graham H Chesters
1971 Arthur Howard Williams
1972 Arthur Howard Williams
1973 John Trevelyan, Stuart James Hutchings, George Botterill, Moss McCarthy
1974 Arthur Howard Williams
1975 Arthur Howard Williams
1976 John Grantley Cooper, Emmanuel M Rayner
1977 Arthur Howard Williams, John Grantley Cooper
1978 John Grantley Cooper, Arthur Howard Williams
1979 John Trevelyan, David John Sully
1980 Arthur Howard Williams
1981 Arthur Howard Williams
1982 Arthur Howard Williams
1983 Stephen Collin James, Iolo Ceredig Jones, Paul A Lamford, Arthur Howard Williams
1984 John Grantley Cooper
1985 John Grantley Cooper
1986 Arthur Howard Williams
1987 Arthur Howard Williams, Moss McCarthy
1988 Arthur Howard Williams, Paul A Lamford
1989 Paul A Lamford
1990 Charles F Morris, P O'Neill, Stuart J Hutchings
1991 Arthur Howard Williams, Andrew R Jones
1992 John Grantley Cooper
1993 John Grantley Cooper, Arthur Howard Williams
1994 John Grantley Cooper, Arthur Howard Williams
1995 John Grantley Cooper
1996 John Grantley Cooper
1997 David H Cummings
1998 David H Cummings, Andrew Dyce, Sven Zeidler, Gareth Morris
1999 James Cobb
2000 Leighton Williams
2001 James Cobb
2002 Richard S Jones
2003 Richard S Jones
2004 Suan Evans-Quek
2005 Leighton Williams
2006 John Trevelyan
2007 James Cobb
2008 Leighton Williams, James Cobb
2009 Ioan Rees, Richard S Jones
2010 Richard S Jones
2011 Howard Williams, Sven Zeidler
2012 Richard S Jones, Tim Kett
2013 Richard S Jones
2014 Tim Kett
2015 James Cobb


All this information about Henry Golding, and lots more about the history of chess in Wales can be found in the book 'Chess in Wales' by Martyn Griffiths.

Thank you to Martyn for supplying copies of the photos, many of which came from Henry Goldings scrapbook which is now kept at the Gwent Archives. Thank you also to Howard Williams who instigated this article and draws attention to the fact that there is only one more year this trophy can be presented before the squares run out !

Welsh Champion





Welsh Ladies

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