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There have been some tremendous success stories for Wales this week in the junior sections of the British Championships.


Chirag Guha won the under 10 title with a score of 6/7, while Venetia Sivarajasingam netted the girl’s title with 5/7. This marks the end of a great championship for her, having won the girl’s under 9 title on the previous Saturday.


The under 14 championships brought further success for Wales, with Imogen Camp becoming joint winner of the girl’s title with 3.5/7.


In the under 12 championships, Stephanie de Toit was the second-placed girl with a score of 4.5/7. She had some great victories during the week, and may consider herself unlucky to have missed out on the girl’s title, having had to play joint-winner and pre-tournament favourite, Koby Kalavannan, in the final round. Just behind Stephanie were Shayanna Sivarajasingam and Benjamin Choo Yin, both scoring 4/7.




Many Welsh players are competing in events in the British Championships this week.


In the Under 10s, Wales is represented by Chirag Guha, Ifan Rathbone-Jones, Venetia Sivarajasingam and Susanna Fraser.  Stephanie du Toit, Benjamin Choo Yin and Shayanna Sivarajasingam are competing in the Under 12s, and Imogen Camp is participating in the under 14s.


In the five-day morning events, the Welsh participants are Peter Richmond, David Sully, Alex Freeland, Roger Bennet, and David Buttell; and in the afternoon event Owen Bennett, David Buttell, Alex Freeland, Rhys Bennett and Julie Van Kemenade are taking part.


Round up for 23-27/07/2014


Over the last few days, a few of the Welsh players have had tremendous success at The British Championships.


One of the biggest highlights has come in the Under 9s, with Venetia Sivarajasingam winning the British Girls’ title. Her score of 5/7 in the two-day event that ran on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July gave her a share of third place in the overall standings.


Another win for Wales came in the Week 1 PM Open, with Rudy Van Kermenade sharing first place with a score of 4 out of 5.


Other notable results:


Tim Kett coming second in the Open Rapidplay

Rhys Bennett coming joint-third in the Week 1 PM Open with 3.5/5

Tom Thorpe coming joint-third in the U180 event, with a score of 3.5/5.

Anna Boyle securing second-placed girl in the U8s, with a score of 3.5/6

Aishwarya Lutchman Singh, joint-third-placed girl in the U11 with 4/7

Nicholas Evans placing joint sixth in the U16s, with 4/7

Alyssa Wang, playing in a higher age group, second-placed girl in the U16/15s with 3/7


Wales was very well represented in the Under 8s and Under 9s, with several players gaining valuable experience and picking up points: Hiya Ray, Kavin Govindaraj, Nye Bradfield, Nayana Kalavala, Ethan Chung and Neil Stevenson.




With the Under 11s and Under 13s starting today, the reports seem to be getting longer and longer! At the top of the Championship, David Howell lost to Simon Williams to be 1.5 points off the lead, with Jonathan Hawkins leading the way on 4/4.


The results from Round 4 of the British Championship were:


GM Mark Hebdon 1-0 Tim Kett

Thomas Brown 0-1 Joseph McPhillips

Lee Davis 0.5-0.5 FM Mike Waddington

Joe Fathallah 0.5-0.5 Steven Jones

Alan Brusey 0-1 Alex Bullen

Allan Pleasants 1-0 Theo Slade


Wales scoring a strong 3/6 in today's pairings.


The Round 5 pairings for the British Championship are:


13. Tim Kett - Jeremy Menadue

14. Alex Bullen - FM Charlie Storey

17. Robert Willmoth - Thomas Brown

20. Oskar Hackner - Lee Davis

21. FM Mike Waddington - Joe Fathallah

24. Roy Hughes - Allan Pleasants


From the morning events, Wales scored 5.5/11. A respectable score considering we had two all Wales pairings.



1.Gareth Morris 1-0 Craig Woolcock

9. Thomas Thorpe 1-0 Patrick Ribbands


23. David Gilbert 1-0 Allan Fisher

27. Karanvir Lutchman Singh 1-0 Jim Nicholson

28. Timothy Allan 1-0 Andrew Camp

29. Syringa Camp 0-1 Stanley Johnson


5. Richard Zhu 0.5-0.5 Nicholas Evans

8. Alyssa Wang 1-0 Jordan Lewis

10. Imogen Camp 0-1 Owen Bennett


For the Week 1 PM tournament, Wales scored 2/5

61. Guy Wagner 0.5-0.5 Greg Hughes

62. Rudy van Kemenade 0-1 Carl Gartside

64. Rhys Bennett 0-1 Meyrick Shaw

67. Jonathan Wells 0.5-0.5 Craig Woolcock

71. Julie van Kemenade 1-0 Anna Purvis 


Also today was the start of the U13s and U11s. The results from the Welsh contingent from these sections in round 1 were:



33. Emily Wang 0-1 Mahima Raghavendra

44. Neya Govinderaj 1-0 Mercedes Hobkirk-Capps

46. Aishwarya Lutchman Singh 1-0 Gabriel Weaver




Today we had the Opening Ceremony and the Ceremonial Move for the British Championship. I intend to put some photos up of this in the near future - keep your eyes out for those!


The Round 3 results from the British Championship were:


Alex Bullen 0-1 IM Jack Rudd

Tim Kett 1-0 Joe Fathallah

Lee Davis 0-1 FM Charlie Storey

Amy Hoare 0.5-0.5 Thomas Brown

Peter Shaw 1-0 Allan Pleasants


The all Welsh encounter didn't end up in a peaceful draw, as Tim managed to bat Joe. From the round, Wales picked up 1.5/6, but this is slightly skewed by the fact that we had 2 Welsh players playing each other.


The Round 4 pairings for the British Championship are:

6. GM Mark Hebdon - Tim Kett

13. Thomas Brown - Joseph McPhillips

21. Lee Davis - FM Mike Waddington

22. Joe Fathallah - Steven Jones

23. Alan Brusey - Alex Bullen

28. Allan Pleasants - Theo Slade


In the morning the Under 180, Under 140, Week 1 AM and the Under 16s started. Wales have 11 players competing in these sections. The Under 180 and Under 140 sections are on the live boards.



3. Brendan O'Gorman 0-1 Gareth Morris

9. William Graham 0.5-0.5 Thomas Thorpe

12. Craig Woolcock 1-0 Stephen Pride


21. Nicholas Mahoney 0.5-0.5 Karanvir Lutchman Singh

22. Eleanor Hapeshi 1-0 Syringa Camp

26. Allan Fisher 0.5-0.5 Bruce Oliver

30. Andrew Camp 0.5-0.5 Michael Gunn

Under 16s:

3. Owen Bennett 0-1 Billy Twigge-Molecey

6. Nicholas Evans 1-0 Alyssa Wang

10. Hajane Anbukumar 1-0 Imogen Camp


In the afternoon the Week 1 PM, Major Open and Senior U150 sections started. Wales have 5 players playing in the Week 1 PM.


Week 1 PM:

63. Joshua Cavendish 0-1 Rudy van Kemenade

64. Matthew Payne 1-0 Julie van Kemenade

69. Malcolm Winter 0-1 Guy Wagner

70. Craig Woolcock 1-0 Anna Purvis

73. Thivyaa Rahulan 0-1 Rhys Bennett


Tomorrow the Under 11s and Under 13s will be starting. Pairings can be found in the links section and my reports will contain the results from the events. 




Sorry for the delay to this report: turns out playing, controlling and games inputting is a lot of work!


The round 2 results from the British from the Welsh players were:


GM John Emms 1-0 Alex Bullen

IM Daniel Fernandez 1-0 Lee Davis

Joe Fathallah 0-1 FM Justin Tan

Anthony Zhang 0.5-0.5 Tim Kett

Allan Pleasants 0.5-0.5 Joseph McPhillips

Thomas Brown 1-0 Martin Clancy


A tricky day for the Welsh players, scoring 2/6 after a strong round 1. Unfortunately, the round 3 pairings were released with 2 Welsh players playing each other - hopefully this doesn't happen too much throughout the tournament.


The round 3 pairings for the British Championship are:

12. Alex Bullen - IM Jack Rudd

13. Tim Kett - Joe Fathallah

14. Lee Davis - FM Charlie Storey

18. Amy Hoare - Tom Brown

22. Peter Shaw - Allan Pleasants


In the U2000 rapidplay that also occurred today, Rudy van Kemenade got joint second with 5/6, Howard Leah scored 2/6 and Christopher King scored 1.5/6. 



Due to the upcoming Olympiad in Tromso, the British Championships has a different schedule than usual. The main Championship have started 2 days earlier to allow an earlier finish for those playing in the Olympiad.

As such, the first day consisted of just the British Championship:


4. IM Jonathan Hawkins 1-0 Thomas Brown

14. FM James Jackson 1-0 Allan Pleasants

16. FM Andrew Lewis d-1 Alex Bullen

18. Tim Kett 0.5-0.5 Michael Fernandez

22. Joseph McPhillips 0-1 Lee Davis

24. Peter Shaw 0-1 Joe Fathallah

29. Rudy Van Kemendae 0.5-0.5 Alistair Hill


For Wales we have 6 players representing us, with 3.5/6 being scored today. Rudy van Kemenade kindly stepped in as a filler today and will be representing Wales in other sections later on in the festival. Highlights of the day must be Lee and Joe's upsets against opponents around 200 FIDE points above them.


Tomorrow we have the U2000 rapidplay and the 2nd round of the British Championship, where the pairings are:


7. GM John Emms - Alex Bullen

10. IM Daniel Fernandez - Lee Davis

11. Joe Fathallah - FM Justin Tan

13. Anthony Zhang - Tim Kett

21. Allan Pleasants - Joseph McPhillips

26. Thomas Brown - Martin Clancy

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