British Chess Championships 2013


July 28th - 10th August


Good luck to all Welsh players playing in the 100th British Chess Championships and its many sub events.


The Under 10 Competitors
amrit    arj neya2
Amrit Arjan Neya
 aish2  ch2
 Aishwarya  Chirag



03/08/13 and 04/08/13


Tom's comments day 6 & 7


The middle weekend is always a very busy weekend with tournaments beginning and ending. I'll start with the big news:

Alyssa wins the British U13 girls Champion! 


Alyssa Wang Under 13 British Girls Champion

Alyssa is being presented the prize by Lara Barnes, the championship

manager.  Peter Purland, Chief Arbiter for Wales looking on.


A fantastic result for Alyssa, who won her last game which guaranteed her outright first for the girls and joint 3rd in the overall section. Imogen lost her last game to finish on 2.5/7 in an section whose ages are 4 years older than Imogen!

Imogen also started her U12 campaign yesterday with a double round day - she scored a solid first win and then a fantastic 114 move draw against the 2nd seed. In the weekender U125 tournament, Andrew Camp finished on 1.5/5.


In the U150 weekender tournament, Rhys and Owen Bennett and Shayanna Sivarajasingam all played superbly and finished on 3/5, with Shayanna winning a grading prize.  In the Open weekender tournament, Allan Pleasants was on 3/4 going into the last round.


In the U9 junior tournament, Wales had a strong representation. In her first major tournament, Susanna Fraser finished on 3/7. Venetia Sivarajasingam faced her girl's title rival in the last round where winner took all. She went a rook up, but unfortunately in time trouble lost her queen and the game. Chirag Guha scored an impressive 5.5/7, drawing with the 1st seed along the way, and was unlucky to finish just outside of the placings with the 3rd highest score.  Other results: Blake 4/7, Duncan 2.5/7, Ifan 3.5/7.


The Under 9 Competitors

sus    ian duncan
 Susanna  Ifan  Duncan
 blake  chirag  ven
 Blake  Chirag  Venetia

On Saturday in the British Championships, Megan Owens had a very long game which unfortunately slipped away from her. I also had a long game but I managed to get a draw against a strong English junior. Francis Rayner managed to also score a solid draw.

On Sunday, there was also a rapidplay, which I entered myself and scored 3/6 in with 2 draws, 2 wins and 2 losses, one loss against GM Bogdan Lalic - a very decent result.


Tom's comments day 5

In the final round of the U11's, Shayanna and Stephanie were both half a point behind the girls' leader. A win could give them the title. Shayanna managed a hard fought draw, and Stephanie managed to win, but the leader of the pack won her final game to win the title. Emily managed to secure a final win and finish on a creditable 2/7 playing above her age. Ben also won his last game to finish on a very good 4.5/7. Karanvir had a very nice greek gift sacrifice which worked a treat and he won a beautiful game. Aishwarya, Neya and Alice all lost their last game, but finished on a very decent 2.5/7 in a very tough field of the best U11's in the country. They should all be proud.


Venetia played in the U8s today and scored a very good 4/6. After playing out of her skin in the U11s, the switch to rapidplay she found tough, however 4 is a good score! The other welsh players were Kavind Govinderaj 2/6, Neil Stevenson 3/6 and Christopher Tang 2/6 who took on players from all over the country and will have gained great experience. 







The Under 8



vene u8
Venetia Neil
u8sss    u8s
Kavind Christopher

Alyssa closed in on the U13 girls title with a solid draw; going into the final round she needs a draw to secure the title outright, being a point ahead of her nearest rival. Imogen had a very good win against a strong Clevedon junior, and mathematically she is still in with a shot at the U15 girls title.


Owen Bennett won joint 3rd in the U140 graded section; well done to him! Rhys Bennett managed to score 50% in a strong field. Syringa couldn't keep her U140 title and finished on 2 points, and Andrew Camp drew his last game to finish on 1.5/5


In the Major Open, Alex Freeland's pairings have been forming a pattern - all black wins! Alex has been black twice, so he is on 2/5 so far in a very strong tournament. In the FIDE AM tournament, Alex finished with 1.5/5


In the British Championships, it proved to be a tough day for the Welsh players. Francis Rayner played a strong Bristol player, whom he managed to draw with. I had a very complicated game full of sacrifices, but my opponent defended well and I ran out of material. Megan had a very close game, however dropped a pawn in the late middlegame and her opponent duly converted. 


Susan's Round-up Day 4
A busy day for the Under 11s and Under 13s as it was a double round day for both of them.
In the Under 11s, Round 5 gave wins for Venetia, Shayanna and Karanvir and draws for Ben and Aishwarya. Round 6 proved much more fruitful with wins for Shayanna, Ben, Karanvir, Aishwarya and Neya, Alice drew, and a home battle between Stephanie and Venetia also ended in a draw. It's their final round tomorrow and the girls must still see the Girls title still up for grabs as Shayanna, Venetia and Stephanie are all on 3 1/2, just 1/2 point behind the leading girl.
Alyssa in the Under 13s also had a good day as she won in the morning and drew in the afternoon. She has 2 rounds to go and will still have to keep battling to keep ahead of the other girls.
Imogen deciding to go for the challenge of the Under 16s this year achieved a draw today. Her mum and dad face their final round in the Under 140 championships tomorrow as does Owen Bennett who is only 1 point behind the leader and could place if he wins.
Rhys Bennett also took the challenge this year, of playing up in the Under 180s, and after winning today will be aiming to end on a 50% score.
In the Major Open and British, Francis was the only one to get a result today but there is still a long way to go for our juniors Alex, Tom and Megan. 

Tom's comments Day 2

I'm going straight into game of the day which has to be my game - after 8 moves I got my knight trapped and by move 19 I resigned. Now that nightmare is out of the game, I'll move onto the rest of the games.


For the U11's it was a double round day today - Stephanie played well and scored 1.5/2. Ben Chooyin was on 2/2 but succumbed to a very strong junior. Shayanna and Karanvir both lost in round 2, but got off the mark in round 3 after an easier game. Emily has had a tough draw and is yet to score, but I'm sure she can win the remaining 4 rounds. As I was playing I was unable to see the remaining afternoon results, which I will comment on tomorrow. In the morning however, Aishwarya had a topsy-turvy game ending in a draw, Alice lost to a very strong opponent, Venetia also lost to a strong player and Neya fell against the top seed.


neya em
Neya    Emily


In the U13s, Alyssa had a very positional game against Richard Zhu, which ended up in a drawn rook and opposite coloured bishop endgame. However proving it was a draw was a little tricky, but Alyssa showed her skill by proving so with ease. In the U16s, Imogen lost to a very experienced player, but fought back this afternoon and won her first game!

In the U140 section, Andrew Camp had the game ready to win, but slipped up in the endgame a conceded the full point. Syringa had a very good game in a bizarre opening, but won a beautiful endgame the exchange up. Owen Bennett secured his second draw in this event. In the U180's, Rhys Bennett faced a very experienced opponent, but played well and secured a draw.

owen    syr    andy
Owen   Syringa   Andrew

Alex Freeland had a reverse of yesterday - a good win in the morning and a loss in the afternoon! Although this afternoon, Alex had chances in the ending to make a draw, however rook endings are always difficult, and this one proved too much.

In the British Championships, Wales scored 1/3. I've spoken about my monstrosity, however Francis Rayner scored a very creditable win against a very promising English junior. Megan Owens had a marathon game, where she was on the end of a slightly worse endgame. Defending is always tough, and after a very long game, she unfortunately couldn't hold on, and lost.

tom   meg
Tom   Meg


kar  Karanvir set for Round 1 on the live boards


Tom's comments Day 1 


It's been a very long day of chess with many good results coming from the Welsh players. 


I haven't seen all the games from the Welsh players, but Andrew Camp's win against Doreen Anderton was the pick of the bunch that I did see. Right after the opening, Andrew had equalised, and went on to lock his opponent's bishop out of the game, and executed a very nice kingside attack. Beautiful strategic game, very well done. 


Also in the U140 graded section, Syringa Camp scored a win and Owen Bennett secured a solid draw. Rhys Bennett, playing in the U180 section, succumbed to a very strong opponent, but I'm sure he'll bounce back with a win tomorrow - best of luck!  

rees Rhys


In the U11 event, with no less than 9 Welsh players, we had 4 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. Stephanie won an exchange early on and withstood her opponent's pressure and converted well. Aishwarya and Karanvir had very strong opposition playing on the live boards; a great experience! Ben Chooyin played a very good tactical game, where he won a piece and his opponent collapsed. Well done! Venetia has the bragging rights in the Sivarajasigam's hotel room as she managed to beat her opponent very well, and Shayanna unfortunately came second. Alice Tang also had a very solid victory. Emily Wang faced a very strong opponent and couldn't hold on in a solid position. Neya played a steady and calm game, eventually ending in a well earned draw


Alyssa had a very good win in the U13s in her quest for the title. Imogen had a decent position against her opponent, however went on to trap her own queen in, and after that it was curtains! 

alys    imo
Alyssa   Imogen

Alex Freeland ran desperately short of time this morning in his Open event, and made a few mistakes in time trouble which cost him the game. However he bounced back with a very good win in the first round of his Major Open tournament. Owen Phillips is taking 2 half point byes in rounds 1 and 2. 


In the British Championships, the Welsh players scored results in 2 out of the 3 games. Francis Rayner secured a draw against an under-rated young English player, who thumped me twice in the Glorney two years ago! Megan had a very solid draw against Rufus Duff, rated 2157. Unfortunately I couldn't get a result from my game, though I feel I had very good attacking chances, which sadly I couldn't quite convert.


steph2 shaya ven
Stephanie Shayanna Venetia
alice ben aish
Alice Ben  Aishwarya



Good to see some more faces arrive today ready for the main play to begin tomorrow. I look forward to watching the morning games after a manic day today!

There was a World record attempt for the most games played in 1 hour. GM Keith Arkell and IM Gary Lane managed 37 games in total. 

In the rapidplay, I (Thomas Thorpe) scored 3/6 with losses to a 2000 and GM Mark Hebden. I had a performance rating of 2092, which personally I was thrilled with.


GM Nick Pert performed a simultaneous display for anyone not playing in the rapidplay. Andrew Camp and Venetia and Shayanna Sivarajasingam all participated. Although all 3 players came second, Shayanna was one of the last games to finish (over 3 hours played!) and won a prize for last female standing - well done!





Many families and players arrive before the first day of the festival tomorrow, when the first rapidplay takes place.

Good luck to Thomas Thorpe and any late Welsh entries. 


Players participating in the first week of events:


British Championship ~ Pairings/Results

Megan Owens Francis Rayner Tom Thorpe


Major Open Championship

Alex Freeland            Owen S Phillips


U180 Championship

Rhys Bennett


U140 Championship

Owen Bennett Andrew Camp Syringa Camp


Open AM - Week 1

Alex Freeland


U16 Junior Championship

Imogen Camp


U13 Junior Championship

Alyssa Wang


U11 Junior Championship

Ben Chooyin Stephanie Du Toit Neya Govinderaj
Aishwarya Lutchman Singh Karanvir Lutchman Singh Shayanna Sivarajasingam
Venetia Sivarajasingam Alice Tang Emily Wang


Welsh Champion





Welsh Ladies

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