Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2012

To commemorate Geof's contribution to Welsh Chess, the WCU make an annual award for the best FIDE-rated game played by a Welsh player against a stronger non-Welsh opponent. The core idea is a 'giant-killing' award but as chess giants are very reluctant to be slain, we are willing to settle for draws!

The detailed rules are set out below.

Nominations for games played in 2012, the third year of the award, are invited by 31st January 2013 and should be sent to Howard Williams -


Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize – detailed rules:


1. Open to anyone who was qualified to represent Wales in a FIDE competition at the time the game was played.


2. Game must be played in an event the games from which are FIDE rated.

3. Opponent

• must not be recorded as a Welsh player in the FIDE list, and

• must have a FIDE rating of 2250 or more at the time the game is played and at least 150 points higher than his/her Welsh opponent.

4. Prize is awarded annually for best game played in preceding calendar year.


5. Criteria for award: normal (subjective) ‘best game’ award criteria; draws count as well as wins (but not losses).

6. The award is made by a committee of three judges who each have represented Wales in an international event not restricted to particular age groups.  The Management Board nominates each year the three judges and appoints from among them a chairman, if possible a member of the MB.

7. Players are encouraged to enter their games (or others’ games) for consideration but the Committee will not confine themselves to such games (a lot will be easily available on-line).  Notes also are welcome and often useful to counter-balance the unforgiving light which Fritz and other playing engines cast on the bare score of a game.


8. If the Committee considers no game is worthy then no award needs to be made.

9. 31 January 2013 is the deadline for submitting games played in 2012. To help ensure no qualifying game slips through the net, the ones which the judges have identified will be published very shortly after 31 December 2012, while there is still time for further nominations.   


10. Winner each year gets a small trophy to retain permanently and the game, with notes, is given a prominent place in the Yearbook and on the WCU website.


11. Timetable following deadline for submission of games: judges to consider submitted games and others they think may be worthy and reach decision by end February; trophy to be engraved with winner’s name and year of award by Easter; award to be announced (and trophy presented) at start of Easter Congress; game to appear in Yearbook due out following September.


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