The FIDE master title has been awarded to Emmanuel (Manny) Rayner

The FIDE master title has been awarded to Emmanuel (Manny) Rayner, elder brother of Francis.

In 1976, whilst still a teenager, he was joint Welsh Champion with John Cooper and came third in the British Championship. Later that year he represented Wales in the Haifa Olympiad. Shortly afterwards he gave up serious chess to concentrate on his studies and subsequent academic career. He lives in Geneva, where he works as a researcher at Geneva University, and has recently started playing again in the Swiss League. He has just published a collection of humorous book reviews... 







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   ISBN:  978-1-105-52071-6


What Pooh Might Have Said To Dante and other futile speculations


Would Mr. Darcy have preferred Mary Poppins to Lizzie Bennet?

Is the New Testament science-fiction?

Could the Three Musketeers have beaten the Lord of the Rings in a fair fight?

Does Jemima Puddleduck work better as a French trash novel?

And what would Pooh have said to Dante?

You'll find answers to all the above questions, and many more, in this book. includes an article Revolution in the 70s meets Farenheit 451 ~ Garry Kasparov and Ray Bradbury



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