Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2011

The Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize for a game played in 2011 has been awarded to Tom Brown of Cardiff Chess Club for his fighting victory with black in a Modern Benoni against the English player, Rafe Martyn, whose FIDE rating was 184 points higher than Tom’s at the time the game was played, in the South Wales International last July.


The competition was not as intense as in 2010 – Tom’s was the only win and the unanimous choice of the judges, Stuart Hutchings, Dave James and Howard Williams, but they still found four games to short-list. In no particular order, the others were the brevity Allan Pleasants nearly pulled off against the Russian IM, Alexei Slavin, and two saves with black from bad positions in the early middle games against 2500 plus opposition, one by Francis Rayner against the Bulgarian GM, Julian Radulski, in the SWI and the other by Howard Williams against the highly promising Turkish IM, Mustapha Yilmaz, at the European Team Championships.


The judges identified 13 games played in 2011 which met these conditions. One of those games was Francis Rayner’s which he submitted with notes.


Please follow the links to Tom’s game and to Francis’ game.   







2012 Competition


The detailed rules can be found [link to web-page with detailed rules] but briefly, to qualify for the award games must be FIDE-rated games, won or drawn by Welsh players against non-Welsh opponents rated 2250 or over and with a rating advantage of at least 150 points.  


Please do not rely on all the qualifying games being identified by the judges without assistance. For example, it has recently emerged that one good win which would almost certainly have been short-listed for 2010 slipped through the judges’ net. Games can be nominated for the award by anybody. Notes also are welcome and often useful to counter-balance the cold and unforgiving light which Fritz and other playing engines cast on the bare score of a game.


For 2012, to help ensure no qualifying game slips through the net, the ones which the judges have identified will be published very shortly after 31 December, while there is still time for further nominations.  


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