Wrexham Chess Club and Cabin Crew

Wrexham Chess Club has teamed up with Bwlchgwyn Out of School Club (BOOSC Ltd) in an innovate initiative to help children’s educational and social development through teaching them Chess.

Nicola Roberts, chairperson of BOOSC “Cabin Crew” explains

“We were originally set up in 2005 by a small group of volunteer parents to provide after school and breakfast clubs; however, due largely to the excellence of our staff we were able to expand our list of activities to include street dancing, pottery, circus skills, French lessons, and a reptile show, to name but a few. More recently, following the purchase of our own building which is situated on the school grounds, we have also started a holiday club & nursery plus that are open to families in Bwlchgwyn and the surrounding area.  As a registered charity, still run by volunteer parents, our aim is to provide “affordable childcare” to local families and any profits made are reinvested into the club.  We are always looking for new, fun ways of helping children’s development and one of the parents suggested that we should start a Chess Club.  Research has shown that playing Chess improves the reading level and IQ of pupils as well as strengthening their problem solving skills, improving their memory and nurturing their creative thinking.  Some also believe that it teaches children to be responsible for their actions and they are better able to view situations from the perspective of others.  I contacted Wrexham Chess Club for advice and one of their players, Peter Fisher, is also a retired teacher.  We set up the club a couple of months ago and it has been very well attended.  As you can imagine learning through play is always going to be popular with children.”

Peter Fisher continues

“I learnt how to play whilst as a Year 8 pupil at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Wrexham.  I joined Wrexham Chess Club at 16 years of age and have since played in the 1st and 2nd team on a regular basis and been captain of the latter for the last 3 years.  One of the great things about Chess is that it is inexpensive, yet develops children’s powers of planning, logic, memory, decision-making, judgment, creativity, and concentration.  These are skills which will assist a person throughout their life.”



Peter Fisher and the Cabin Crew Chess Club


Spokesperson for Wrexham Chess Club Mike Hughes said

“The club applauds BOOSC for their initiative in teaching Chess, the benefits of which in terms of educational and emotional development have been known for a good few years.  The collaboration between BOOSC and Wrexham Chess Club acts as a beacon illuminating the fact that learning life-skills can be fun.  Chess is a brilliant way for parents to engage with their children regardless of gender and Wrexham Chess Club offers a concessionary membership rate to youngsters and we would really like to see more schools within the local area encourage the development of their own chess clubs.  Given the benefits it can bring if I were a parent of a child at a school without a chess club I’d be asking why the school didn’t have one".



Making the right moves is important – and not just in Chess


For more information about the Bwlchgwyn Out of School & Holiday Club contact Nicola Roberts on 01978 756718.  Further details about Wrexham Chess Club can be obtained from Mikes Hughes on 01978 854676 or mike.gm.hughes@btinternet.com

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