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Publicity extract from The Bay Magazine Swansea August 2011


Are you one of those folk put off by the thought of mixing with “chess players”? Weird reputations no doubt bestowed upon us by the likes of the 1970s World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. Notoriously reclusive, a child prodigy - chess genius, Fischer spent most of his time alone studying the game. Remember too that this was in an era when computers were yet to make any significant contributions to the game. Nowadays the professional chess player practically depends on their IT companion to improve his or her own human performance.


I have yet to see the new film just out that tries to fathom the global icon: ‘Bobby Fischer Against The World’, by filmmaker Liz Garbus. However, I did recently conduct a live radio interview with International Chess Master Jimmy Sherwin. Jimmy used to host an American TV Chess series. He also played numerous games with Bobby in the boy’s early development since Jimmy was at the time one of the strongest players in America. He described Bobby as being an extremely likeable and decent person. Sadly in latter years Bobby Fischer became increasingly unpredictable and his mental health problems helped to explain his intense political views and anti-social behaviour. In my view, it was as though his life’s ambition had been realized too soon and there after nothing made sense.


Deborah Evans is Presenter of The Arts Show Radio Tircoed Community Radio Swansea She has represented Wales as an International Chess player since childhood; Olympiad Medallist, Women’s Champion several times and is Director of Publicity for Welsh Chess Union. Also Director of Chess Academy Wales / Swansea, she teaches Chess in Schools and the Community and is helping to develop Chess in Wales. If you would like to know more please email:



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