A Welsh side does double in English League

May 24th


Pen-y-ffordd completed the league-and-cup double in the Wirral Chess League on Tuesday May 17th. Having already won the league, in the cup final on May 4, Pen-y-ffordd were beating Wallasey 3.5- 2.5 when there was a dispute on Board 3. The time limit is 35 moves each in 1 hour 15 minutes each, then they turn the clocks back 15 minutes and you have to complete your moves in the time you have. The Pen-y-ffordd captain John Gorman(171) and his opponent were involved in a time scramble to reach move 35. While they both agreed that both had reached move 35, they couldn't agree on whose move it was. So it was referred to the league controller to decide what should be done. They ordered that the Board 3 game should be replayed from the start at the neutral venue of The Town Crier, Chester.
The players again got into a time scramble, but this time John emerged victorious so that Pen-y-ffordd won 4-5 - 2.5.

The squad is Dave Jameson(182) Bob Clark (176) John Gorman(171) Dave Bennion(165) Richard Burton(162) Marvin Hayes(127) and Charles Higgie(currently ungraded, but estimated 160)."
Charles Higgie

Welsh Champion





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