Welsh team's success at the 4NCL!

The final weekend results in the 4NCL resulted in overall good news for welsh teams competing in the event.

South Wales Dragons avoided relegation on goal difference to cling on to their prized Division 1 place.



West Is Best are Division 3 Champions (and so of course promoted to Div 2).



Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg survived in style by also winning the .... Division 3 relegation Pool!



Both West Is Best 2 and The Full Ponty were in the Promotion places from Div 4 up to Div 3.

Although it is almost certain that only 2 teams will go up from Div 4 so sadly neither The Full Ponty nor our second team 

will go up.


The full results can be viewed here.


Reort by Tim Kett and Matthew Parry

Welsh Champion





Welsh Ladies

Home Director ~ Kevin Staveley