Iolo Jones wins the 2016 Dyfed Congress!

The prize-winners in this year’s Dyfed Open Congress (the 45th!), held at the Fishguard Bay Hotel were:



1st: Iolo Jones, 4½/5 (£300)

2-5: Bill Hewitt, David Jameson, Jane Richmond and Howard Williams, 4/5 (£70 each)


Grading Prizes:

Under 2050: Adam May and Juan Rodriguez (£50 each)

Under 1900: Roger Greatorex , Roy Thomas and Guy Wagner (£33.33 each)

Under 1750: Martin Jones and David Lawrence (£50 each)


All games from the Open can now be downloaded from the Games section of the website.  



1st Chris Smith, 4/5 (£150)

2-4 Scott Hammett, Howard Leah and Paul Orton, 3½/5 (£20 each)


Grading Prizes:

Under 1400: Paul Bevan (£25)

Under 1200: Kimberley Chong (£25)




In the Open Iolo Jones won his first four games, grinding down Tom Brown and Frank May in the process, and only needed a draw in the last round (against David Jameson) to secure first place unshared. 


Bill Hewitt, David Jameson and Jane Richmond all scored noteworthy wins, Bill against Charles Morris, David against Tom Brown and Jane against Sven Zeidler in a tense last round struggle where she repeatedly used virtually all of her 30 second per move increments. 


Howard’s performance was a gallant one in outcome, if not in intention, with draws against Lynda Roberts, who capably defended a small disadvantage, and against Jane in another tense encounter.


All the games from the Open, with annotations by Rudy van Kemenade, will be available on the website shortly.


Going into the last round of the Major, the four players on 3/4 were interpaired. 


Chris Smith beat Kimberley Chong (a very promising newcomer) while the game between Paul Orton and Howard Leah was a hard-fought draw. This enabled them to be caught in equal second position by another Dyfed stalwart, Scott Hammett.


The Saturday night game-position solving competition, and so the bottle of champagne offered as the prize, was won by the team from North Wales consisting of David Jameson, Michael Whale and Tim Soar.

Welsh Champion





Welsh Ladies

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