2nd Colwyn Bay Congress Results

Andrew and Syringa Camp would like to thank everyone who entered the 2nd Colwyn Bay Chess Congress for their support and for helping make this congress such a success. Numbers were up more than 20% over last year, which we are very pleased with. Thanks also to our arbiters, Peter Purland and Kevin Staveley for all their work to make the event run so smoothly, to Howard Wood for running a great bookstall, and of course to our sponsors (Chessmaze International, Rated Holidays and Wholesale Chess) without whom this event would never have got off the ground.
Imogen would also like to thank all those who supported her fundraising efforts for her trip to the World Youth Championships 2015 whether through donations, by purchasing from the refreshments stall she ran for the congress, or by taking part in her Lucky Square draw. We have been overwhelmed by all the support she has received and are very grateful for this.
They hope to confirm dates for the 3rd Colwyn Bay Congress very soon!  
Prize Winners:   
OPEN (First prize sponsored by Chessmaze International - www.chessmazeinternational.com)
1st/2nd=   Glenn House (Morecambe)                   (4)    £200
1st/2nd=   Mike Surtees (Great Lever)                  (4)    £200
3rd=       Chris Doran (Chester)                           (3)    £15
3rd=       David Jameson (Colwyn Bay)                 (3)    £15
3rd=       John Shakespeare (Bangor)                   (3)    £15
3rd=/G.P.= A.J. (Tony) Slinger (Yorkshire Terrier)  (3)    £40
3rd=/G.P.= John R Bowers (Caernarfon)               (3)    £40
The Open section grading prize eligibility was set at U171
MAJOR (First prize sponsored by Rated Holidays - www.ratedholidays.co.uk)
1st/2nd=   Arthur Hibbitt (Banwell)                     (4)    £200
1st/2nd=   Richard Betts (Northwich)                  (4)    £200
3rd=       Paul Carlucci (Morley College)              (3.5) £12.50
3rd=       Reg Clucas (Altrincham & Hale)            (3.5) £12.50
3rd=       Brendan O'Gorman (DHSS)                  (3.5) £12.50
3rd=       Paul H MacDonald (Ayr)                       (3.5) £12.50
3rd=       Alan Papier (Clifton & Bristol)               (3.5) £12.50
3rd=       Timothy Woodward (Trowbridge)          (3.5) £12.50
G.P.=      Arjan Bolina (Colwyn Bay)                   (3)   £25
G.P.=      John Woollard (Sheffield Nomads)        (3)   £25
The Major section grading prize eligibility was set at U146
MINOR (First prize sponsored by Wholesale Chess - www.wholesalechess.co.uk) 
1st/2nd=   Martin Gill (Crewe)                          (4.5) £200
1st/2nd=   Julian Hawthorne (Kidsgrove)            (4.5) £200
3rd        Alan R Fraser (Beckenham & Bromley)   (4)    £75
G.P.       David A Thomas (Malpas & Whitchurch) (3)   £50
The Minor section grading prize eligibility was set at U101
JUNIOR Prize (Highest score by U18 in any section)
=          Petko Petkov (Bangor) MINOR section     (3.5) £25
=          Anton Petkov (Bangor) MINOR section   (3.5) £25   

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