WCU: Financial and other help to clubs

The WCU has developed over the years a number of ways it can provide some assistance to clubs to develop their activites, especially among juniors.


1.  Help in setting up Junior Sections

Some years ago the WCU set aside £500 to support clubs in the initial costs of setting up a junior section, for example the purchase of a demonstration board or the rent of the room for an initial period.  That decision reflected the huge reduction in the amount of organised chess activity in secondary schools compared with, say, thirty years ago, thus depriving clubs of their previously ‘ready-made’ supply of young players who had some experience of competitive chess.  Very little of this money has so far been spent.  Further support for the establishment of junior sections in clubs may be available from our Welsh Government grant to develop chess among juniors.

2.  Waiver of Registration Fees

From the 2010/11 season onward the WCU has made voluntary the fee otherwise due (currently £10 for adults and £7 for juniors) from a club player new to Welsh competitive chess for that player’s first season. The player still counts as a WCU member for that period.  The details of this concession have been circulated to Zone Treasurers and are on the WCU web-site.  Zones usually make parallel concessions.  The introductory waiver in registration fees mentioned above is particuarly relevant to clubs who bring on junior players.

 3.  Criminal Record Bureau Clearance

WCU members who wish to become involved in junior chess may well find it necessary / desirable to obtain such a clearance and a number have done so.  As a volunteer working for a voluntary organisation no fee is chargeable. Applications can be made through the WCU and Kevin Staveley is the contact.  

 4.  Insurance

Local Authorities and other public bodies sometimes insist that those organisations to which they hire out rooms, for example in schools, must have public liability insurance cover, however low such risks may appear.  The WCU holds a block policy which meets these requirements for all its clubs’ activities.  Details and evidence of this insurance can be supplied to any club on request.

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Finance Director WCU

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