Registered Members List

Lists of registered members Season 2015-16


The attached lists reflect latest updates to 4 February 2016 and replace all earlier lists (which are now null and void). These are now the definitive lists to be used to confirm eligibility for WCU authorised events. 


We have an increasing number of members who register direct with the WCU. These are included in the lists as “unattached” unless they have been included in the registration list submitted by a club.


Should any member not see his name but thinks he has paid his fees, please contact the appropriate Zone Treasurer and the WCU Membership Secretary.



Paul Scott

Membership Secretary



We are again using the WCU id which is unique to each individual and will be preserved even if changing to another club or zone in the future.


List of WCU Registered Members 2015-2016 (updated 4 June 2016)


List of WCU Registered Members 2015-2016 by Zone and Club (updated 4 June 2016)