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Junior 4NCL: Second week-end

The second week-end of the Junior 4NCL, held at Hinkley on 22nd and 23rd November, included five teams of Welsh players. In division 1, for teams with an average rating of 100 or more, Welsh Dragons Red netted two wins and draw from five matches. In division 2, for teams with an average rating of 75 or more, the four Welsh teams all scored three or four match points out of a possible ten.




Welsh Dragons Red: Chirag Guha, Ben Choo-Yin (captain, not pictured), Hugo Fowler and David McIntosh


Welsh Dragons Green: Ifan Rathbone-Jones (not pictured), Anlan Qiu (captain), Hiya Ray, Rachel McIntosh and Cian Grattidge


Welsh Dragons Blue: Amrit Bolina (not pictured), Susanna Fraser, George Smith (captain), Madeleine Smith and Evan Spiers

Welsh Dragons Orange:   Imogen Camp (captain), Ritika Khot, Nayana Kalavala, Morgan Kendall, and Neil Stevenson

Welsh Dragons Yellow: Caspian Fowler (captain), Emily Wang, Duncan MacDonald, Anna Boyle and Thrishanthkumar Venkatesh

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