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NYCA U12s and U16s 2014

Sussex dominated the under 16 and under 12 NYCA team events, winning both competitions that were held in Telford on Saturday 8 November.

In the under 16 events the team scores were: Sussex 18.5, Cheshire and N. Wales 17, Wiltshire 15.5, South Wales 15, Leicestershire 4, Manchester 2. In the under 12s, the scores for the teams were: Sussex 30.5, Kent 22.5, Cheshire and N. Wales 21, South Wales 16, Manchester 14, Leicestershire 3

For the south Wales under 16 team, individual results from three games were: Ben Thomas 3, Alyssa Wang 1.5, Ben Choo Yin 1, James Evans 1, Ellioitt MacNeil 3, Hugo Fowler 2, Daniel Siromani 1, James Baker 2.5. In the under 12s south Wales team, who also played three games, results were: Chirag Guha 2.5, Shayanna Sivarajasingam 2.5, Venetia Sivarajasingam 1, Caspian Fowler 1, Susanna Fraser 1, Anlan Qiu 1, Duncan MacDonald 1, George Smith 1, Woody Shaw 1, Emily Wang 2, Tom Stanton 1, Cian MacNeil 1 out of one.

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