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Qualifiers to date for the Junior Welsh Championships

There are two tiers to the Welsh Junior Championships. There is a ‘championship’ section for those that score at least four points in one of the qualifiers; and there is also ‘major’ section, for which there are no qualifying criteria. Following the fifth qualifier at Cathedral School, the following children have qualified for the championship section:


  • Under 12s: Chirag Guha, Venetia Sivarajasingam, Aishwarya Lutchman Singh, Neya Govindaraj, Susanna Fraser, Anlan Qiu, Duncan MacDonald, Emily Wang, Matthew Beresford,  Maz Lazarus and Hiya Ray 
  • Under 11s: Chirag Guha, Venetia Sivarajasingam, Susanna Fraser, Duncan MacDonald, Neil Stevenson, Rishi Choudri, Jack Warner, David McIntsoh, Hiya Ray, Evan Speirs, Cian Grattidge, Dylan Meek, Merlin Davies, Nayana Kalavala, Karam Abdul-Hamed, Blake Fisher, Madeleine Smith, Ethan Chung and Nathan Bridel
  • Under 10s: Venetia Sivarajasingam, Neil Stevenson, Rishi Choudhuri, Hiya Ray, Madeleine Smith, Anna Boyle, Ethan Chung, Charlie Davies, Nayana Kalavala, Joel Chung, Bindu Doddi, Cameron Harris, Karam Abdul-Hameed, Hugo Russell, Adam Ahmad Azam, Harrison Postans,  Nye Bradfield, Anish Choudry,  Arthur Newington-Bridges, Toby Davies, Christopher Tang, Finlay Robertson, Callum Penny and Taliesin Yearwood-Williams.
  • Under 9s: Hiya Ray, Anna Boyle, Ethan Chung, Nye Bradfield, Ellison Smith, Toby Davies, Sridatta Dantu, Benjamin Holley, Oliver Sapsford, Henry Nicholls, Akshara Nagaruru, Gabriel Waite, Steffan Griffiths.
  • Under 8s: Ethan Chung, Daniel Chung, Jonathan Davies, Sridatta Dantu, Akshara Nagaruru, Rajan Randeva, Jacob Wynn and Milo Davies

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

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Welsh Assembly