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Amendment to the qualifying rules for the Welsh Junior Championships

An additional rule has been introduced to the qualifying events for the Welsh Junior Championships. If children choose to enter a higher age group in the Welsh Junior qualifying events and score four out of six or better, they then qualify for playing in the Welsh Championships in the age group that have participated in and age group(s) below for which they meet the age requirements. For example, children born in 2005 would normally play in the under 10s section of the qualifying event, but if a player of this age chooses to play in the under 11s and scores four points, they would then qualify to play in the under 11 Welsh Championships and the under 10 Welsh Championships.


Note that only a very, very small number of children are expected to 'play-up' in their first qualifying event of the season. This is only recommended for the child who is the strongest player by far in their age group, and for them, by qualifying simultaneously for two or more Welsh Junior Championship events, they have freed up their time to play in weekend congresses. The vast majority of strong junior players would be expected to first try and qualify in their age group. If successful, in a subsequent qualifier they could try to win a place in the Welsh Championships in a higher age group.  


Please be aware that if a child qualifiers for multiple age categories, they may not be able to play in all these events, as some clash with others. For example, the under 10s and the under 12s run simultaneously, so a player must chose between them. Details of the timings of competitions are given on the events section of the website.

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