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Participation soars at Junior 4NCL

Thanks to the efforts of Andrew Camp, Welsh participation in the Junior 4NCL has grown tremendously this year. Of the 28 teams at the first weekend competition, held in Daventry on 4-5 October, one-quarter were from Wales.


Team yellow - Shayanna Sivaragasingham (captain), Venetia Sivaragasingham, Imogen Camp and Aishwarya Lutchman Singh – scored the highest of all the Welsh teams, coming third and winning the prize for the best-placed all-girl team.


All the other teams managed at least a win and a draw. These team were represented by:


Team red: Chirag Guha (Captain), Anton Petkov, Anlan Qui, Morgan Kendall, and Cian Grattidge

Team Orange: Ben Choo-yin (Captain), Neya Govindaraj, Woody Shaw, Madeleine Smith and Harri Jackson

Team Green: Karanvir Lutchman-Singh (Captain), Jake Williams, Duncan MacDonald, Robert Goodwin and Thrishanthkumar Venkatesh

Team Blue: Hugo Fowler (Captain), Amrit Bolina, Susanna Fraser, Hia Ray and Harri Lewis

Team Indigo: Daniel Siromani (Captain), Joshua Williams, George Smith, David McIntosh and Neil Stevenson

Team Violet: Petko Petkov (Captain), Caspian Fowler, Ifan Rathbone-Jones, Rachel McIntosh, Ritikia Khot



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