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Glorney, Gilbert, Robinson and Stokes cups

Teams from Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland were at the University of Stirling from 4-6 August, competing for the Glorney, Gilbert, Robinson and Stokes cups.


Glorney Cup players for Wales were: Tom Thorpe, Philippe Rodgers, Nicholas Evans, Elliot MacNeil, Mateusz Sieduszewski

Gilbert Cup Wales for Wales were: Stephanie de Toit, Shayanna Siverajasingam and Venetia Siverajasingam.

Robinson Cup players for Wales were: James Evans, Daniel Siromani, Imogen Camp, Joshua Williams, Jake Williams and Rhyddian Downing.

Stokes Cup players for Wales were: Benjamin Choo Yin, Aishwarya Lutchman Singh, Hugo Fowler, Caspian Fowler, Ifan Rathbone-Jones and Woody Shaw.


Results for Wales from day 1


Glorney Cup:            Scotland 3-Wales 2               Wales 2-Ireland 3

Gilbert Cup:              Scotland 1- Wales 2              Wales 2-Ireland 1

Robinson Cup:          Scotland 4- Wales 2              Wales 0.5-Ireland 5.5

Stokes Cup:              Scotland 2-Wales 4               Wales 2-Ireland 4


Results for Wales from day 2


Glorney Cup:            England 4- Wales 1              Ireland 2.5-Wales 2.5

Gilbert Cup:              England 2.5- Wales 0.5        Ireland 0.5-Wales 2.5

Robinson Cup:          England 6- Wales 0              Ireland 4.5-Wales 1.5

Stokes Cup:              England 6-Wales 0               Ireland 5-Wales 1


Results for Wales from day 3


Glorney Cup:            Wales 2-Scotland 3               Wales 0.5 – England 4.5

Gilbert Cup:              Wales 2.5-Scotland 0.5         Wales 1.5 – England 1.5

Robinson Cup:          Wales 0.5-Scotland 5.5         Wales 0 – England 6

Stokes Cup:              Wales 4-Scotland 2               Wales 0.5 – England 5.5


Overall Standings


In the Gilbert cup, Wales came second, just two points behind England. In the Stokes cup Wales came third, and were fourth in the Glorney and Robinson cups.

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