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Welsh Girls Championships 2014

We congratulate the winners of last weekend's Welsh Girls Championships.
The champions are
U14 Alyssa Wang  (5/6)
U12 Shayanna Sivarajasingam (4.5/6)     (U14/U12 were combined)
U11 Aishwarya Lutchman Singh  (6/6)
U10 Susanna Fraser  (6/6)
U9   Venetia Sivarajasingam  (6/6)
U8   Anna Boyle  (4/6)    (U8 and U9 were combined)

Inglefield House in Monmouth was again a very welcoming venue for the Girls Championships.  As usual numbers were quite tight when it came to organising the different age group events.  This year, we decided to combine the oldest age groups U14 and U12 to provide stiff competition throughout, with more than half the combined group of 8 having played in World Youth Championships in previous years.  We also combined the U8 and U9 age groups where Venetia Sivarajasingam was expected to trample over all her opposition following her record high score in the recent World U8 Girls championship in the UAE.

Alyssa Wang lived up to expectations in the U14/U12 competition but was pushed hard in several games and held to draws by Megan Richards and Shayanna Sivarajasingam.  Megan was to finish 2nd in the U14s and Anna Barth 3rd. Shayanna, after recovering from her usual slow start in this event, won the U12s with Stephanie du Toit 2nd.

The U11s was a well fought event between 8 players with the usual trio of winners in this year group Neya Govindaraj, Emily Wang and Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh being led home by Aishwarya on 6/6 with the other two joint second on 4.5/6

The U10s provided the biggest year group entry – 9 players, with Susanna Fraser taking home the champions trophy, scoring 6/6 ahead of Evie Hurn and Beth Bradfield, in joint 2nd place on 4.5/6

The combined U8 and U9 group as expected was won by Venetia with 6/6, but she was pushed very hard in her game with the very promising U8 champion Anna Boyle who was only beaten otherwise by her older school-friend Madeleine Smith – both from the Dell - who finished 2nd in the U9s with 5/6.  Nandini Prasad was 3rd in the U9s and Alys Sloper 2nd in the U8s.

As arbiter I was very grateful for help on the day from Ladies’ Director Olivia Smith and from Kevin Thomas who has introduced many of the players to the game, and organised the venue.  I would also like to thank the school’s headmistress for allowing us use of the venue, to all the parents for bringing their children to the event and to the players for their general behaviour and the sporting way in which they played throughout the day.  


John Thornton - Arbiter


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