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2013 Junior Quadrangular Tournament - Liverpool College

7th and 8th December


This annual team tournament, which takes place in Liverpool over a weekend has been in existence since 2005. The four competing units are Wales, Scotland and two English regions, latterly the North and the Midlands. The age levels are Under 16, 14 and 12. The games in this tournament are always hard fought and this was illustrated this year by the fact that only ten players out of a total of 100 scored a maximum of three points out of three.



Until last year Wales had never won any of the three competitions. But that was the year of the all conquering U14 team which duly added this title to the Four Nations (international) and N.Y.C.A. (counties) victories. The big surprise last year was that the U12 team won as well, snatching the title in the last round when the stronger English region failed to perform to expectations.


This year there was no surprise, as the U12 team announced itself with a 7.5 - 2.5 victory over the Midlands and followed this up with a 6 - 4 defeat of Scotland, all this despite not having two of their strongest players available. Round three was something of an anti-climax, as three siblings, playing for the North failed to arrive. Our team duly beat the remaining seven boards 4.5 - 2.5 and, of course, claimed the three extra default points as well, although they did not need them  to win the tournament.  As the Midlands and Scotland each defaulted bottom board, Caspian Fowler had a rather disappointing weekend, winning three games on default. (Ironically, his third round opponent was present on the Saturday and Caspian defeated him in an arranged friendly game.)


The U14 team continued last year’s progress, beating the Midland 6.5 - 3.5 and Scotland 7.5 - 2.5. They struggled somewhat against the tougher opposition provided by the North, but a 5 - 5 draw was enough to give them the title.


As in previous years, the U16 team was heavily out graded and struggled to make an impact, scoring a grand total of three draws all week end.

The final scores were as follows:

U16        North 15, Midlands 10.5, Scotland 9, Wales 1.5.
U14        Wales 19, North 17, Midlands 15.5, Scotland 8.5.
U12        Wales 21, Midlands 16.5, North 11.5, Scotland 11.


The individual scores out of three were:

U16        Nicholas Evans 1, James Baker 0.5.
U14        Rhys Bennett 1, Ben Thomas 2, Nyasha Katsande 2.5, Owen Bennett 2.5, Alyssa Wang 2, Imogen Camp 2, Jamie Bell-Thomas 2, Joshua Williams 1, GutoNeave 2, Arjun Balsubramanian 2.
U12        Ben Choo Yin 1.5, Arjan Bolina 1, Chirag Guha 2.5, Shayanna Sivarajasingam 3, Macey Taylor 2, Venitia Sivarajasingam 2, Neya Govindaraj 2, Alice Tang 1, Hugo Fowler 3, Caspian Fowler 3.


We warmly congratulate members of the Under 14 and Under 12 teams.


Ian Eustis

Director - Junior Chess

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly