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North Wales Junior Chess Association

North Wales Junior Chess Association has been shortlisted for a Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund Award of £3000 and voting is now open to the public.

You can vote online and via SMS text message.

Enter 'North Wales' in the search box and we appear at the top of the list. Click on the Vote button and enter your details (first name, surname and email address). You can vote once per email address for an organisation, and you do not have to be local to the organisation. You then need to click on the link in the email they send you to confirm your vote (this is for email address validation).

Text "VOTE KWTD" to 61119. You can vote once per mobile number for an organisation, and you do not have to be local to the organisation. Your network standard text charges apply. No additional charges are applied.

Note: Voting for North Wales JCA won't stop you voting for one of your own local good causes - you can vote for multiple organisations in multiple locations!

How we would use the award
A £3000 award would enable the purchase of 300 chess sets and boards to be given to 30 local schools as part of a ‘start up’ package. Packages would include 10 sets and boards, supporting materials on teaching chess, introductory visit from someone active in teaching chess in schools locally, and access to coaching.

This would help encourage the formation of school chess clubs, extending the benefits of playing chess (which many studies have demonstrated) to a wider range of young people, reaching those currently excluded through lack of opportunity or resources.

Free equipment would be an incentive to schools with fewer resources to take part.

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly