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Junior Champs 2014 (U11 - U8)


The Welsh Chess Union Junior Committee would like to congratulate the following players who have qualified or been selected for the top sections of the Welsh Junior Championships in March 2014.

U8: Amrit Bolina (Q), Anna Boyle (Q), Nye Bradfield (Q), Daniel Chung (Q), Ethan Chung (Q), Nayana Kalavana (Q), Will Latheron (S), Johnathan Osbourne (S)


U9: Anna Boyle (Q), Rishi Choudhuri (S), Benjamin Farley (Q), Susanna Fraser (Q), Tyler Havvas (S), Venetia Sivarajasingam (Q), Evan Speirs (Q), Neil Stevenson (Q)


U10: Blake Fisher (Q), Caspian Fowler (Q), Chirag Guha (Q), Duncan MacDonald (Q), Anton Petkov (S), Ifan Rathbone-Jones (Q), Venetia Sivarajasingam (S), Emily Wang (Q)


U11: Neya Govindaraj (Q), Chirag Guha (Q), Aishwarya Lutchman Singh (Q), Duncan MacDonald (Q), Woody Shaw (Q), Shayanna Sivarajasingam (S), Macey Taylor (S), Jake Williams (S)


The players listed above are asked to let Kevin Staveley know (by Sunday 9th February) of their commitment to compete in those Championships for which they are qualified in order that the Reserves can be notified either way. The following players have been selected as Reserves and will be called (in the order stated) if any of the above 8 do not wish to take up their place:

Reserves (in order):

U8:       1. Ellison Smith              2. Christian Cheesely          3. Bindu Doddi

U9:       1. Finn Aierstock           2. Aryan Singh                    3. Nye Bradfield             4. Nayana Kalavala

U10:     1. Ali Al-Rawi                 2. Cian Grattidge                 3. Max Lazarus              4. Sam Goodfellow     5. George McMaster

U11:     1. Arjan Bolina               2. Venetia Sivarajasingham  3. Anlan Qiu                  4. Michael Burger       5. Alice Tang



Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly