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UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal 2013


July 13th - 14th


Well done to the Welsh players who travelled to Wright Robinson College, Manchester, to take part in this exciting finale to the school year. These players reached the final 2000 out of 55,000 players who took part in the school qualifiers up and down the country.


The tournament is organised as a 6 round rapidplay.  In the event of more than one player finishing on the same top score, the Ultimo or Ultima title is awarded on sum of progressive scores (SOPS) or on the result of a 10 minute play-off.


11 Welsh players finished in the top three to join Megan Owens (U18 Ultima – Southern Gigafinal) in the Terafinal/Challengers tournament in August.


Neil Stevenson (U8) - Ultimo


Alyssa Wang (U13) -  Ultima


Imogen Camp (U12) - Joint 1st (title awarded on play-off)


Shayanna Sivarajasingam (U10) – 2nd


Neya Govinderaj (U10) – 3rd


Blake Fisher (U9) – Joint 2nd


Chirag Guha (U9) – Joint 2nd


Anton Petkov (U9) – 3rd


Susanna Fraser (U8) – Joint 2nd


Venetia Sivarajasingam (U8) – Joint 2nd



There were also several players who finished on 3.5 points or above, and qualified for the Plate tournament in September.  Particular mention is made of Ifan Rathbone-Jones, who finished on 4.5 points and just missed out on a top three placing.


Many thanks to the parents for braving the long journey to Manchester and to the tournament organisers for a successful weekend!






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