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South Wales Megafinal

Congratulations to those who played in the Megafinal at Cardiff yesterday – and to those who have now qualified for the Gigafinal in July......


Pictures from the event






Under 16

Philippe Rodgers


Under 13

Nyasha Katsande

Jamie Bell-Thomas

Under 12

Mohammad Farhadi and

Daniel Siromani


Under 11

Karanvir Lutchman Singh

Christopher Barwise

James Robertson

Under 10

Michael Burger

Harry Boobyer

Ewan Chadwell

Jensen Coppen

Advaith Manoj

William Mullins

Anlan Qui

Mithun Padmanabhan

Woody Shaw

Ben Sloper

George Smith

Under 9

Max Lazarus

Xavier Clason-Morgan

Blake Fisher

Cian Grattidge

Chirag Guha

Duncan MacDonald

David McIntosh

Under 8

Evan Speirs

Sasha Bhangoo

Rishi Choudhuri

Joel Chung

George MacNamara

Steffan Rayment

Finlay Robertson

Hugo Russell

Yuvraj Singh

Neil Stevenson

Under 7

Steffan Griffiths

Nye Bradfield

Daniel Chung

Ethan Chung

Jacob Wynn






Under 13

Alyssa Wang


Under 12

Anna-Lena Barth


Under 11

Ritika Knot

Ella Hale Smith

Under 10

Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh

& Shayanna Sivarajasingam

Neya Govindaraj

Shermin Riaz

Under 9

Emily Wang

Beth Bradfield

Grace Eddy

Under 8

Venetia Sivarajasingam

Susanna Fraser

Nandini Prasad

Under 7

Nayala Kalavala

Anna Boyle

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly