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Wiltshire & West of England Junior Chess Championships 2012

Well done to all the welsh juniors who crossed the bridge to England to take part in the always well organised and quality competition of the Wiltshire and West of England Junior Championships which had 350 players.


U9 section  Shayanna Sivarajasingam won best girl 4/6


U12/U100 Challengers was won by James Evans 5/6


U8 Emily Wang won the controllers prize for great chess scoring 4/6


The other competitors were:


U14 Championship (31 players) - Nicholas Evans 3/5 - losing to one of the 4 eventual joint winners.


U12 Championship (93 players) - Rhys Bennett 4.5/6 - lost to the winner in the last round

Owen Bennett 3.5/6, Alyssa Wang 3.5/6Stephanie Du Toit 3/6, Nudhara Yusuf 3/6.


U12 Challengers - James Evans 5/6, Anna-Lena Barth 2.5/6


U10 - Karanvir Lutchman-Singh 3/6, Shahanna 2/6


U9 -  Shayanna Sivarajasingam 4/6, Neya Govinderaj 3/6, Mithun Padmanabham 3/6,

 Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh 2/6, Oliver Light 2//6, Michael Burger 1.5/6


U8 - Emily Wang 4/6, Max Lazarus 4/6, Venetia Sivarajasingam 3/6


Sunday Intermediare - Harri Lewis 2/6



Report and photos gratefully received from 'chess parents' Claire Evans and Ed Wang

It was a very good and well run competition and it was great to see so many of the Welsh players scoring 50% or more in what was a very strong field.  Nicholas and Rhys were both playing for a possible first place in the last round but their opponents were just too good on this occassion.  Rhys lost to eventual winner and finished on 4.5/6, and Nicholas also lost to one of the eventual winners in the last round and on the second round, he finished on 3/5.





Shayanna and James





move one

Stephanie had the honour of the first move of the congress by Mayor of  Swindon


Stephanie celebrated her birthday in style with a meal in Pizza Express for those who could make it - the Welsh players certainly know how to have fun as well as play good chess!! 


Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly