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National Youth Chess Association U16 and U12


November 6th


The NYCA U16 and U12 was held in Telford.


There were 9 regions represented - South Wales, Cheshire & North Wales, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Sussex.

The South Wales U16 team was Luke Kostanjsek, Tom Thorpe, Jonathan Bold, Daniel Wilmot, Nicholas Evans, Owain Davies and Eva Los.
Nicholas Evans and Eva Los both won all 3 of their games, with Nicholas getting the board prize. They scored 13/24.


The U16 competition was won by Greater Manchester (17.5 pts/24), 2nd Yorkshire 14.5, 3rd Sussex 14, 4th= Kent, South Wales 13, 6th Berkshire 9.5, 7th Staffordshire 8.5, 8th Cheshire and N.Wales 6.


The U12 team was Ben Thomas, Nyasha Katsande, Rhys Bennett, Owen Bennett, Alyssa Wang, Jamie Bell-Thomas, James Evans, Guto Neave, Elis Bird, Stephanie du Toit and Harold Nock.
Alyssa, Jamie and Harold won all 3 of their games with Jamie getting the board prize.
They scored 26/36, coming 2nd.


The U12 competition was won by Sussex 29.5 / 36, 2nd S.Wales 26, 3rd Greater Manchester 20.5, 4th Warwickshire 18.5, 5th Yorkshire 17, 6th= Staffordshire, Lancashire 13.5, 8th Cheshire and N.Wales 12.5, 9th Berkshire 9.


IMG 4582 U12Team

Under 12 Team

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