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Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge


Previously known as the British Land UK Chess Challenge, Delancey is the new principal sponsor of the UK Schools’ Chess Challenge. The tournament began in 1996 and was an immediate success, with 700 schools entering, involving approximately 23,000 children. Last year competitor figures hit 63,000 and 1,900 schools entered.


This is the 17th UK Chess Challenge organised by IM Michael Basman and it starts in your own school/college or your local junior chess club. There are opportunities for children at any level of ability to participate, even the inexperienced can win prizes in the first stage. The best players then go through to the second stage, the South Wales MEGAFINAL 12th May or the North Wales MEGAFINAL which will also be in May.  The best players from the Megafinal qualify for the NORTH GIGAFINAL to be held 7th & 8th July in a city in the north of England, and then the winners of this reach the final stage, the NATIONAL TERAFINAL on 18th and 19th August in Loughborough.


For more information visit the website.     Schools/colleges and junior clubs should enter before December 12th. 

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly