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Children from Schools in Wales Played Chess At Westminster on St Luke's Day

October 18th


The CSC Birthday Event in London on St Luke's Day Tuesday 18th October was a lovely experience for everyone involved and CSC made several steps forward regarding political in-roads in their aim to place chess in the school curriculum and encouragement of a chess club in every school.  Soon hopefully every child in the UK will be given the opportunity to learn chess in school if they want to.  

Children's Newsround also reported on the day and interviewed some of our children.  Once Upon A Time. . .  UK Girls U-14 Champion Labour MP Rachel Reeves (now in her 30s) initiated the event and played some chess too.  At one point Kasparov was seemingly whispering moves in her right ear!  She won that game against a journalist from The Guardian claiming it was the best game she had ever played.  The game is recorded in the links below.

Several MPs and GMs supported the event including GM Speelman - reporter for The Independent, Scottish GM Rowson and The Times Chess Reporter Ray Keene.  Gary Kasparov and Nigel Short were the main stars for the children.  It was also good to meet some of my old friends. The Eagle sister Twins both now Labour MPs and from my peer group Faber Cup days had a quick chat before going back into Parliament ... how time moves in the world of chess.  Check-out these links for more details.


BBC News Wales Report


Photos of the Event


CSC Website News Link


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