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Juniors in the West Wales Congress

October 14th - 16th


Nudhara Yusuf, Owen Bennett and Rhys Bennett came Joint 1st in the Minor, Stephanie du Toit 2nd.


Ian Eustis, Junior Director, controlled this tournament and reported that Rhys Bennett led the Minor Tournament from Round One. In an epic battle with Nudhara in round five, he fell into horrendous time trouble, but survived into the second time control period the exchange to a pawn down. in the endgame, faced with doubled passed rook pawns protected by a bishop, Nudhara could not see a way to use her rook to maximum effect and offered a draw, which was gratefully accepted.


Nicholas Evans came 3rd in the Major.


Other juniors also competed. In the Open were Alex Bullen, Luke Kostanjsek, Megan Owens, Philippe Rogers and Callum Spooner. Alyssa Wang and Varum Varna were in the Major, and Joshua McKenna, Karanvir and Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh and James Evans in the Minor.

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