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Ukraine Visitors

September 20th


A Visit from Kiev


Over the last four years, in conjunction with I.M. Peter Marusenko, we have arranged an exchange visit with a school in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. A party from Wales visited Kiev in 2008 and this was the second visit by the Ukrainians. They were originally meant to come in May, but the infamous ash cloud erupted at just the wrong moment. A change of personnel and a change from a week end in May to mid week in September caused various difficulties of organisation, not least of which was finding somewhere for everyone to stay!

The party of eight boys and four adults finally arrived in Swansea on Monday the 20th of September. On Tuesday we travelled to Cardiff, visited the Techniquest science museum and played a match against Cardiff juniors in the Penarth Chess Club. On Wednesday we visited Rhossili in the Gower Peninsula and played a match against a composite West Wales club team. Thursday was largely spent shopping in Swansea and in the evening everyone took part in a blitz tournament in the Briton Ferry club. Early Friday morning saw the party safely ensconced on the train to Paddington.

The results of the two matches are given below. Surprisingly, the locals won both matches quite easily, despite my attempt to match the Ukrainian strength. The Kiev board one player was very good and James did extremely well to draw with him, but the others were nowhere near his strength. It has to be said that, from the Ukrainian point of view, the purpose of the visit was to enjoy a holiday in Wales rather than to win any particular chess match and in this respect, with our help, they succeeded magnificently. For this I am greatly indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Ian Evans and to Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Davies for providing the accommodation and to the headmaster of Craig-y-Nos School, who provided a mini bus and driver to transport the party everywhere.


Cardiff Juniors                v               Kiev Juniors  

James Thomas             0.5 - 0.5       Vladislaf Sergienko
Alex Bullen                    0  -  1         Myvolo Sarnarvsky
Jonathan Bold              0.5 - 0.5       Olexiv Grabovski
Ben Thomas                  1  -  0         Yevhen Grabovski
Owen Bennett                1  -  0         Marvin Toporovski
Thomas Paine                1  -  0         Mykla Malgovany
K.Lutchman-Singh        0.5 -  0.5      Bogdan Khvostov

                                  4.5 -  2.5



West Wales Team      v.              Kiev  Juniors
Peter Bevan              0   -   1         Vladislaf Sergienko
Malcolm Jones           1   -   0         Myvolo Sarnarvsky
Daniel Wilmot            1   -   0         Olexiv Grabovski
Nicholas Evans          0   -   1         Yevhen Grabovski
John Ward                 1   -   0         Mykla Malgovany
Richu Kuriakose         1   -   0         Marvin Toporovski
James Evans             1   -   0         Bogdan Khvostov

                                5   -   2                     


Ian Eustis
Junior Director

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