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Junior Welsh Grand Prix Final 2011

May 22nd

The Welsh Grand Prix Finals was held at The Grange school in Monmouth on 22nd May.  All 72 players had to have qualified from previous tournaments so it was a battle of the best. The event ran smoothly in the suberb venue of The Grange under the first-class direction of Ian Eustis, Kevin Staveley and John Thornton.

The results were as follows:

Under 18

1st    Alex Bullen


 Ian Eustis (Junior Director) presenting the prizes

2nd   Ben Thomas and Tom Thorpe

Well done also to: Alex Horman, Matthew Staniforth,Rhys Steele


Under 14

1st   Philippe Rogers

2nd   Luke Kostanjsek
3rd   Nicholas Evans

Well done also to: Callum Spooner,Josh Mckenna, Robert Warrington, William Underwood, Charles Kett, Kelland Chambers


Under 12

1st   Owain Davies

2nd  Rhys Bennett
3rd   Owen Bennett and Nyasha Katsande

Well done also to: Jamie Bell Thomas, Alyssa Wang, Stephanie du Toit, James Baker, Rhydain Downing, Sam Evans, Owens Stanley, Eve Farrow, Harold Nock, Megan Richards, Matthew Smail, David Kett, Ryan Clatton, Nudhara Yusuf


Under 10

1st   James Evans

2nd  Sam Thomas and Henry Parnell
3rd   Souheil Zithoni, Karanvir Lutchman-Singh and Owain Meek

Well done also to: Greg Clark, James Robertson, Heidi Homewood, Abhishelk Deglurac, Matthew Richards, Evan Richards, Gus O’Connor, Simeon Alcelade, Shahana Yusuf, Sam Staniforth, Megan Burridge, Callum McGalvey-Jones, Ben Payne, Simon Fiala, Oliver Norbury, Srijan Curpad, Sam Hughes, Dan Walker


Under 8

1st   Michael Burger
2nd  Shayanna Sivarajasingam
3rd   Benjamin Evans

Well done also to: Max Lazarus, Edward Baller, Oliver Light, Isabelle Williams, Xavier Clason-Morgan,Emily Wang, Neya Govindaraj, Aishwaka Luchman-Singh, Ella Kotecha, Philip Hayes, Roshan Clarke, Sophie Sedgereer

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly