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Welsh Schools Chess Championships 2011

March 26th

Another successful Welsh Schools tournament was held at Bishop Hedley High School on 26th March.
There were 2 championships Secondary and Primary.

The Secondary Schools Championships
There were 5 teams in this event Bishop of Llandaff School , Cathedral School , Kings Monkton School , Monmouth School A and Monmouth B. They played 5 rounds and the winners were named the Secondary Schools Champions and the runners up received the Plate Cup.

2011 Secondary Schools Champions

1st - Monmouth A 

Bd 1. Sam Lazarus

Bd 2. Sam Turner

Bd 3. Peter Downing

Bd 4. James Baker


Previous Winners
2000  Radyr Comprehensive
2001  Fitzalan High School
2002  Monmouth School
2003  Monmouth School
2004  Monmouth School
2005  Monmouth School
2006  Monmouth School
2007  Monmouth School
2008  Monmouth School
2009  Monmouth School
2010  Kings Monkton


There was an exciting finish as the champions were decided in the last round. Monmouth A were victorious and regained the trophy after losing it to Kings Monkton last year.

Final Round:  Monmouth A v Kings Monkton

                 Bishop of Llandaff v Monmouth B

2nd   Kings Monkton - Plate Cup Winners

Joshua M Bd 4, Mohammed B Bd 3, Alex W Bd 2, Alex B Bd 1

 3rd Cathedral School                               4th  Bishop of Llandaff

5th Monmouth B

The Primary Schools Championships

17 teams entered this event. Each team had to have 4 players from the same school, and schools could enter more than one team.  The teams were Cathedral School A, Cathedral B, Craig-y-Nos A,  Craig-y-Nos B, The Grange A, Grange B, Howell’s School, Inglefield House, Kings Monkton Schoo, Rhiwbina, Rougemont School, Sandycroft Primary School, Sketty, St Joseph’s Primary School, St Pauls Primary School A, St Pauls B and  St Pauls C.

In this event 2 rounds were played to split the teams into 2 competitions. The top four teams played a 3 round all play all to contest the Primary Schools Championship, the other teams played for the Primary Schools Plate Cup.

2011 Primary Schools Champions
1st   The Grange A

Bd 1. Nyasha Katsande

Bd 2. Jamie Bell-Thomas

Bd 3. Harold Nock

Bd 4. Rhydian Downing

This was another exciting last round as The Grange A beat Cathedral A to take the title.


2nd   Cathedral School  A

3rd=    Howell’s School                         

   Craig-y-Nos A


2011 Primary Schools Plate Cup

1st  - Rougemont

Bd 1. Rhys Bennett

Bd 2. Owen Bennett

Bd 3. Srjian Curpad

Bd 4. Anna-Lena Barth

2nd =               Sandycroft Primary School

The Grange B

Katie Latham Bd2, Shana Taylor Bd4,

Bradley Butler Bd1, Ben Williams Bd3

Gus O’Connor Bd4,  Owain Meek Bd3,

Gus Roberts Bd1,  Matthew  Smail Bd 2

4th    St Pauls Primary School A

This event had more teams entered  than last year and it is hoped it will grow in popularity in the future. The WCU is working hard to develop junior chess in Wales and the Welsh Assembly Grant helps to fund events like these. We were very pleased this year that Sandycroft Primary School travelled over a hundred miles from Flintshire in North Wales to compete.

The Sandycroft team in front of one of the murals

of Bishop Headly High School

Macey Taylor (reserve)
Ben Williams
Bradley Butler
Shona Taylor
Katie Latham

We also had 2 all girls teams from Howell’s School Cardiff and Inglefield House, Monmouth.  More about the Girls.

Howell’s School Team

Nudhara Yusuf Bd1 (nearest)
Alyssa Wang Bd 2
Tahlia Morgan-Rose Bd 3
Anoushka Negi Bd 4

Well done to the organisers Kevin Staveley and Ian Eustis and also trainee arbiter Tom Thorpe who all ensured the event ran smoothly.

The refreshments ran by Russell Doddington and Mr and Mrs Staveley were much appreciated.

Thank you for the time and encouragement given by the coaches, teachers and parents to the children, it was great to see so many players enjoying their chess and showing great team spirit.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Susan Owens
Webmaster/ Director Women’s Chess

Junior chess activities are generously supported by a

 grant from the

Welsh Assembly