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Quadrangular: A tremendous win for the Welsh Under 12s

At the Quadrangular tournament held in Liverpool on 5-6 December 2015, the Welsh under 12 team put in an incredibly strong performance, taking this title by netting 23.5 points out of a possible 30.

Individual results for this team of ten that played rounds against Scotland, the North of England, and the Midlands,  were: Chirag Guha (2), Ifan Rathbone-Jones (2.5), Anton Petkov (2), Susanna Fraser (3), Duncan MacDonald (2), Caspian Fowler (2.5), Hiya Ray (3), Emily Wang (1.5), Robert Goodwin (2) and David McIntosh (3). 

In this section Scotland came second with 14 points, the North third with 11/5 points and the Midlands fourth with 11 points. 

The under 14s and under 16s teams failed to replicate the success of the under 12s. The under 14s team came third, and individual scores were: Ben Choo Yin (1), James Evans (1), Hugo Fowler (0.5), Petko Petkov (1), Anlan Qui (2.5), Jake Williams (1), Daniel Jabaransari (1.5), Sithika Medagedano (1), Rachel McIntosh (3) and Ben Barnes (1). The under 16 team ravaged by illness and injury, and led to the fielding of just three players for this team of six match. Scores were Imogen Camp (1), Josh Williams (1), and Woody Shaw (0).  






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