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South Wales Mega-final 2015

Congratulations to all those that scored 4 point or more in the 2015 South Wales mega-final and have qualified for the northern giga-final.


In the mega-final, held at St John’s, Cardiff, on Saturday 9 May, the following girls qualified:

  • Under 7s: Fay Russell (suprema), Ashika Shahameeran, Zoe Williams
  • Under 8s: Hiya Ray (suprema), Akshaya Nagaruru
  • Under 9s: Nayana Kalavala and Anna Boyle (joint suprema), Bindu Doddi, Lara Trail
  • Under 10s: Venetia Sivarajasingam (suprema), Madeleine Smith, Susanna Fraser
  • Under 11s: Emily Wang (suprema), Rosie-Cayte Ashwell-Lewis
  • Under 12s: Shayanna Sivarajasingam (suprema), Aishwarya Lutchman Singh, Rachel McIntosh
  • Under 15s: Alyssa Wang (suprema)


The winners and joint winners of the age categories for girls were Fay Russell, Hiya Ray, Nayana Kalavala,

Anna Boyle, Venetia Sivarajasingam, Emily Wang, Shayanna Sivarajasingam and Alyssa Wang


The following boys qualified:

  • Under 7s: Ethan Chung (supremo), Sridatta Dantu, Tom Davies, Vedant Lutchman Singh, Thomas Weston, Alex Ball, Osian Jessop, James Wardle, Lewis Wynn
  • Under 8s: Milo Davies (supremo), Nye Bradfield, Rhys Matthews, Jacob Wynn, Oliver Sapsford, Rishi Paul, Harry Dawes, Thomas Godfrey
  • Under 9s: Anish Choudhury (supremo), Harrison Postans, Arthur Newington-Bridges, William Latheron, Matthew Impey, Lewis Jones
  • Under 10s: Neil Stevenson and Evan Speirs (joint supremo), Rishi Choudhuri, Dylan Meek, Finlay Robertson, Oliver Spear, Tycho Twohig, Dafydd Richards, Neel Bhatia
  • Under 11s: Duncan MacDonald, Merlin Davies and George MacMaster (joint supremo), Max Lazarus, David McIntosh, Cian Grattidge, William Christmas, Eoin Shackleton, Joseph MacGowen
  • Under 12s: George Smith and Daniel Jaberansari (joint supremo), Edward Baker, Ben Sloper, Rochan Rajasekaran
  • Under 13s: Karanvir Lutchman Singh (supremo)
  • Under 14: Aaron Calist (supremo)
  • Under 15: Jamie Bell-Thomas (supremo)


The winners and joint winners of the age categories for boys were Ethan Chung, Milo Davies, Anish Choudhury,

Neil Stevenson, Evan Speirs, Duncan MacDonald, Merlin Davies, George MacMaster, George Smith,

Daniel Jaberansari, Karanvir Lutchman Singh, Aaron Calist and Jamie Bell-Thomas


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Welsh Assembly