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Welsh players excel in the final stages of the UK Land Chess Challenge

Several juniors played in the Terafinal and Challengers sections of the UK Land Chess Challenge, over the week-end 20-21 August.


Under 9 Daniel Chung, from St Joseph’s JCC in Glamorgan, netted two wins in the terafinal. This is a very impressive result in the six-round elite competition involving players up to 18.


In the Challengers “C” section, Anlan Qui from St John’s, Cardiff, scored 11/18 (three points for a win, one for a draw in the six round competition), to come equal 9th and secure a book prize. Meanwhile, in the Challengers “A” section, Duncan MacDonald from Whitchurch netted 10/18 to come equal 11th and also secure a book prize.

Hiya Ray Shines in European Youth Chess Championships

Congratulations to Hiya Ray, who came 22nd in a field of 105 in the under 10 Girls section of the European Youth Chess Championships.


Hiya got off to a fantastic start, winning her first four games, including victories against two players with FIDE ratings above 1600. For round 5, she was paired against the eventual joint-winner, the Russian WCM Margarita Zvereva, who has a very impressive rating of 1930. Hiya lost this match, but netted further points in her last four encounters in the form of a draw in round 7 and win in the final round against WCM Olga Melenchuk. Hiya’s successes over the nine-round competition, played in Prague, gave her a performance rating of 1652, and netted her a hike in her FIDE grade of 59 points.

EU Youth Championships 2016

The Welsh delegation in Mureck, Austria, for the EU Youth Championships features five juniors: Anna Boyle and Ethan Chung, who are both playing in the under 10s; Susanna Fraser, playing in the under 12s; Hugo Fowler, in the under 14s; and his younger brother Caspian, playing in an under 16 open. The team are grateful for the support of GM Marian Petrov and GM Matthew Turner.


Round 9 report 


Round 9 was a successful one for the girls. Both Susanna and Anna gained the initiative and converted it into wins. The boys could not emulate their success. Caspian had been joint leader of the U14 Open overnight, but a difficult match, against the U16 4th seed, put paid to his chances of the title as all 3 Welsh boys lost.

The prize giving, however, brought Welsh success:-

Anna Boyle was awarded a certificate for 6th placed girl in the EU U10s (13th overall);

Ethan Chung was awarded a certificate for 6th placed boy in the EU U10s ( 9th overall);

Susanna Fraser was awarded a certificate for 5th placed girl in the EU U12s (17th overall);

Caspian Fowler won the runner's up trophy in the U14 International Styrian Youth Open.

The players are grateful for the help provided by GM Marian Petrov and GM Matthew Turner who have supported and encouraged them throughout the tournament.


Caspian Fowler, runner up  in the U14 International Styrian Youth Open.


Coach GM Marian Petrov with Ethan Chung, Susana Fraser and Anna Boyle

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Glorney-Gilbert International 2016

This year the Glorney-Gilbert cup had a new format, with A and B teams from England competing with those representing Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and a Paris-based French side.


The Gilbert (under 18s girls), Robinson (under 14s) and Stokes (under 12s) teams all came fourth, while the Glorney team (under 18s) came sixth.

The teams were as follows:

Glorney: Ben Thomas, James Evans, Guto Neave, George Smith and Aron Callist

Gilbert: Imogen Camp, Alyssa Wang and Venetia Sivarajasingam

Robinson: Ben Choo-Yin, Karanvir Lutchman-Singh, Higo Fowler, Petko Petkov, Anlan Qui and Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh

Stokes: Chirag Guha, Ifan Rathbone-Jones, Anton Petkov, David McIntosh, Susanna Fraser, and Hiya Ray


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