WCU v ICCF Match

This match (which was part of the 2015 ICCF Congress activities) was held in the Norwegian Church Cardiff Bay on Thursday 20th August.


The match was a very close encounter with the ICCF team emerginging victorious by 8.5-6.5. 


The individual results were as follows:


Board WCU v ICCF
1 Tim Kett 0.5-0.5 V. Dambravskas
2 K Evans 0-1 S. Nefedov
3 Tom Brown 0.5-0.5  D. Chocenka 
4 Bill Hewitt 1-0  F. Baumbach 
5 Peter Bevan  0.5-0.5  M. Avotins 
6 Mark Adams 0-1  Richard Hall 
7 Joe Fatlallah  1-0 N. Poleshchuk 
8 Robert Taylor  0.5-0.5 I. Kosmak 
9 John Waterfield  1-0 K. Jensen 
10 Dai James 0.5-0.5  G. Pyrich 
11 Bill Harle 0.5-0.5  J. Mrkvicka 
12 R. Thomas 0.5-0.5  S. Ottesen 
13 G. Thomas 0-1   A. Chatterjee 
14 R. Livermore 0-1  A. Gaujens 
15 A. Wills 0-1   Brian Jones 

British Championships 2015

From a Welsh perspective, the highlight of The 102nd British Championships, held at Warwick University from Saturday 25th July until Saturday 8th August, has to be Venetia Sivarajasingam’s winning of the British Under 10 title. A point clear of the field going into the final round, she is to be applauded for not seeking a draw, but notching up yet another win to produce a perfect 7/7. A Welsh girl winning the British is not unknown – Megan Owen’s achieved this feat in 2005, in the under 11s – but this win allows Wales to hold on to the under 10 crown, which was won by Chirag Guha last year. For her efforts, Venetia has been given the Roy Clues' award.


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ICCF Congress - Cardiff

The ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation) are holding their annual congress in Cardiff (16th – 22nd Aug). It’s a very important event in the ICCF calendar with delegates travelling from all over the world. On the evening of Wednesday 19th August at 19:30, the traditional blitz tournament will take place at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff. On Thursday 20th August at 19:30, there will be a chess match between the Welsh Chess Union and the ICCF, this will take place in the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay. If you are interested in playing in this match please contact Mark Adams (chess@mark-adams-home.com).