European Seniors Team Championship 2014

This note seeks expressions of interest in playing for a Welsh team in the 2014 European Seniors Team Championships in Sibenik, Croatia from 31 March to 10 April 2014 by contacting Howard Williams (by e-mailing; other contact methods as in WCU Yearbook) by 15 January 2015.


The event website is at


Under European Chess Union rules, players must be registered as Welsh by FIDE and will have reached the age of 50 by 31 December 2014. In addition a player must satisfy the WCU’s own rules for international representation. See [link to relevant part of constitution on website].


The event is a nine-round Swiss held at a rate of one round per day over four boards (though teams can - and usually do - have a squad of five). The time limit is the standard FIDE one: 40 moves in 1hr 30 min, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game with 30sec per move increments from move 1.


Unlike other championship events, countries can enter more than one team which may represent 'any regional structure of a national federation' as well as the federation itself. We are therefore happy to consider entering more than one team, subject in particular to the requirement that a five-player squad must contain at least two players who will have reached the age of 65 by 31 December 2014; this is reduced to one over-65 if a team has only the minimum four players.    


Further Information 


The organisers do not meet any part of a team’s travel and accomodation costs. The WCU cannot help in this respect either but we may be able to pay the entry fees of one team of five players (300 Euros for a five player squad). The organisers’ charges for accommodation (and transport to and from the nearest airports) are set out on their website (link above) but in summary the charge for a single room and full board is E75 per night (E59 sharing). It may well be possible to save money by booking accommodation directly with a (cheaper) hotel at the resort (on payment of a fee of E100 to the organisers).


On top of the charges above players will also need to arrange and pay for their own flights to and from Croatia.

£1000 would be a rough estimate of the costs partipants will have to bear. 


Past Experience of Welsh Teams

In the past players in this event have needed to have reached 60 by the end of the previous December. None have needed to be over 65. We’ve entered one team in this event in each of the last four years. (Not enough players have expressed an interest to enable a further team to be considered.) The Welsh results in this year's event are recorded, with some games, in recent WCU yearbooks and we have scored about the 50% mark though it is to be expected that the average playing strength of the event will increase with the changes in the age limits.