European Seniors Team and World Amateur Championship Halkidiki, Greece April 18th-28th 2016

Both the Wales Over 65s and Over 50s teams arived safely on 18th April. The venue and accommodation together with the food was outstanding.


Upon arrival John Fltcher asked to be transferred to the World Amateur Championships which his fellow Over 50s team members agreed with.


The Over 65s competed in a 10 team all-play-all.  The team consisted of Iolo Jones, J Lloyd Powell, John Thornton, Rudy Van Kemenade and Richard Miles

The Over 50s competed in an 8 team all-play-all. The team consisted of Charles Morris, David James, Peter Bevan and Mark Adams.

John Fletcher competed in a 9 round World Amateur Championship Under 2300 Section.




Day 1   Wales O65 1-3 Israel   (3 IMs and 1 FM)        Wales O50 1-3 Greece  (1GM 2IMs 1 FM)


In total 4 draws v 3IMs and 1 FM   The closest to a win was John's Game where he saw all of the main line in the notes at move 21, but didn't calculate the subsidiary line far enough, and rather than risk a P in a good position went for a safer good move but with just the better position as a result. 


Day 2    Norway O65 (1 FM)  0.5 -3.5 Wales O65         Heart of Finland (1 FM) 3.5 - 0.5 Wales O50


An excellent day for the O65 team with Lloyd John and Richard all achieving wins, though in all cases it was rather more heavy weather than it should have been.  The O50s had their chances, Charles was holding IM Rantanen until well into the game; David was almost certainly winning close to the end, at which stage the game sharpened and he lost.  Peter also went wrong in a roughly level late middle-game, and Mark at one stage was a P ahead before the game petered out into a draw.    


Day 3    Wales O65 2.5 - 1.5  Switzerland                   Wales O50   0.5 -3.5 Italy (1 GM 3 IMs)


Another good day for the O65 - 3 draws and a win by Rudy to beat the 3rd seeds.   The O50s had their chances to score against a strong Italian team, but only Charles with a draw against GM Mariotti managed to do so.


Day 4       Wales O65  0.5 - 3.5  Russia (2 GMs 2 IM)    Wales O50 had a free day


Richard spared our blushes with a solid draw.  Rudy having been outplayed earlier and in essentially a very lost position was given a one move winning opportunity and missed his chance.  John had the most entertaining game, but lost a piece when he and many of the spectators thought his move sequence released the pressure and equalised, not realising till the sequence ended that a piece count left him in deficit.  Lloyd was outplayed.       


Day 5       Wales O65  1.5 - 2.5  Stiftung BSW/DBAG (1 FM 1 AGM)     Russia Women (4 WGMs)  2.5 - 1.5  Wales O50


A day of might have beens.  The O65s had 3 quick draws and a loss from Rudy who had chances of the full point and then a half point.  In the O50s, Charles was never worse and somewhat better for much of the game.  David finally go off the mark with a good draw.  Peter had a draw in an entertaining Kings Indian where the notes show the computer finding an attractive win at move 23 some moves before the final perpetual check.  Mark will want to forget his game. 


Day 6       Wales O65 3-1 Steiermark (1 FM)               Wales O50 3.5 - 0.5 Norway


A superb day - 5 wins, 3 draws, no defeats.  Play through and enjoy!


Day 7       Wales O65  2-2 Sweden (1 FM 1 AGM)         Wales O50 had their second free day


Rudy's entertaining win matched Iolo's loss.  In the other two drawn games, John had chances icluding a rather obscure essentially one mover which was missed even in the post mortem.  So we really need two big wins against the two Scottish teams to have a chance of third place. 


Day 8       Wales O65 3-1 Scotland A (2 FMs)                Wales O50 2-2 Finnish Mates


For the O65 - first step achieved: a big win over the 4th seeds Scotland A.  Lloyd and Richard did the business with two quick draws against higher rated opposition with Black, while Iolo and John achieved wins with White.  So we still have a chance of 3rd place.   Mark had to pull out of his game ill, and despite Peter getting a good win, Charles and David made little progress towards winning on the top boards and the team had to settle for a draw.


Day 9      Wales O65 3-1 Scotland B (1 FM 1 AGM)          Wales O50 0.5 - 3.5 Israel (4 GMs)


The O65 did what they could with Iolo and John drawing and Rudy and Richard winning, but a medal eluded us with Switzerland also winning to take 3rd place.  Mark again had to miss what was a very tough match against Israel, where David defended well to gain a draw against a 2500 GM


In the World Amateur Championship John Fletcher acheived a score of 3.5/9.


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