Tim Kett wins Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2015

The judging panel (Stuart Hutchings, Dave James and Howard Williams) has awarded the 2015 Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize To Tim Kett for his victory against John Cox in the 4NCL.


In this the sixth year of the competition in memory of Geof, the judges, Stuart Hutchings, Dave James and Howard Williams, looked at 18 games (rather less than for 2013 & 2014) which met our basic criteria.  In short, these are wins or draws by Welsh players against foreign opposition rated both 2250 or over and 150 points or more above the Welsh player. The Welsh player lost in 71 other such games.  The 18 games consisted of five wins (down from eight last year) and 13 draws in three of which the rating gap was over 400 points. Particular mention should be made of David Jameson’s contribution of as many as four games to the list.


The drawn games as usual arose in a variety of ways. There were for example a number where our player bailed out while standing better, others where a Houdini act was necessary to save the half point,  and also more fluctuating struggles. The best two drawn games in our view were Richard Dineley’s long rearguard action against the Spanish IM Alberto Suarez Real in the 4NCL and Alex Bullen’s steady and mature defence against the Australian FM Yi Liu in the London Classic Open. 


Of the 5 decisive games, 2014 winner Charles Morris contributed a 20 move miniature with Black and John Thornton a resouceful effort from the European Club Cup but  the three which the panel particularly liked were one of David Jameson’s runners, against  IM Jack Rudd in the 4NCL, Charles’ other qualifying win, an excellent game on top board for Gwent in the European Club Cup against the Irish prodigy Conor O’Donnell, and Tim Kett’s victory against the English IM, John Cox, again in the 4NCL.  Both the first two could have been deserved winners but they were up against the most attractive game of the competition: Tim’s crushing kingside attack of the sort we all dream of delivering.  Tim played accurately throughout and exploited a couple of far from obvious slips by his opponent.  For this piece of violence the judges unanimously decided that the 2015 black dragon should go to Tim.  


The three games with notes can be found in Chessbase format here and as a text file here. We are already collecting games for the 2016 competition but there is no certainty that we will net all the qualifying games from published on-line sources – two of the games particularly mentioned above were not included in our intial trawl but were subsequently contributed by the players. There is also no need to wait until the year end before sending to me those that meet the basic rules; see above. Annotated games are as usual most welcome.


The full qualifying rules for the Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize can be found here.


Howard Wiliiams