British Championships 2015

From a Welsh perspective, the highlight of The 102nd British Championships, held at Warwick University from Saturday 25th July until Saturday 8th August, has to be Venetia Sivarajasingam’s winning of the British Under 10 title. A point clear of the field going into the final round, she is to be applauded for not seeking a draw, but notching up yet another win to produce a perfect 7/7. A Welsh girl winning the British is not unknown – Megan Owen’s achieved this feat in 2005, in the under 11s – but this win allows Wales to hold on to the under 10 crown, which was won by Chirag Guha last year. For her efforts, Venetia has been given the Roy Clues' award.



Venetia is one of many strong Welsh girls that have competed and had success in various sections of this year’s British. This group has produced six winners or joint-winner of British Girls titles:

  • Hiya Ray and Anna Boyle are sharing the title British Under 9 Champion girl with four other players.
  • Shayanna Sivarajasingam is joint British Under 13 Champion girl
  • Imogen Camp is British Under 14 Champion girl
  • Imogen Camp is British Under 15 Champion girl

Another success for Wales came in the Week 1 PM section, with Alex Freeland and Tim Kett sharing the title.


Several Welsh players came close to winning their sections. This included:

  • Chirag Guha coming joint second in the under 11s
  • Tim Kett coming joint second in the Week 1 AM section

Wales had a good number of players in the various sections of the British, including many junior players. Creditable results include:

  • In the championships, John Cooper scoring 5.5/11, Allan Pleasants scoring 4.5/11 and Nicholas Evans scoring 4/11
  • In the major open, Alex Bullen scoring 6.5/11, Rhys Bennett scoring 4.5/11 and Owen Bennett scoring 4/11
  • Tim Kett scoring 4/6 in the over 50
  •  M. Long coming joint 5th with 3.5/5 in the Under 18
  • Alex Bullen coming joint fifth in the Week 2 AM Open
  • Andrew Camp scoring 6/11 in the rapidplay Under 125
  • David Jameson coming joint-fifth with a score of 7/11 in the rapidplay open
  • Owen Bennet scoring 6/11 in the Blitz
  • Karanvir Lutchman Singh scoring 4/7 in the under 13s
  • In the under 12s, Chirag Guha scoring 5/7, Neya Govindaraj scoring 3/7, and Aishwarya Lutchman Sign and Emily Wang scoring 2.5/7
  • In the under 11s, Susanna Fraser scoring 3.5/7 and Hiya Ray scoring 3/7
  • In the under 10s, Nayana Kalavala and Neil Stevenson scoring 3/7
  • Ethan Chung scoring 4/6 in the under 8s and 3.5/6 in the under 9s