There is a live rating system operating in Wales.  Games are usually rated and online within 24 hours. There is a network of five websites.

The Gwent and Dyfed sites also host the league results and tables.





East Glamorgan


West Wales

North Wales




Direct members can obtain computer printouts of their graded games from Robert Taylor ~ Grading Officer

Other Grading Sources:

Welsh Fide Grading List 

English Chess Federation Grading

Irish Chess Union Rating

Scottish Grading


Click on the link below for the Live Rapidplay ratings website 

Welsh Junior Rapidplay Rating List

The January 1st 2016 Junior Rapidplay List can be downloaded HERE

All players who played any rated games during 2015 are listed and will appear on the Live Ratings Site, but players who did not play any games between September and December have been marked IA (inactive) in the rating list and will be taken out of the list if they play no further games before the next published list in September 2016.   


To better understand how the Junior Rapidplay Ratings work please download this explanatory article.