Welsh Chess Union

The Welsh Chess Union (WCU) was founded on 19th June 1954 comprising the regions of South Wales and Monmouthshire. Previously, both these regions were members of the British Chess Fedeeration (BCF) but in response to a growing demand for welsh players to represent their country it was decided that the interests of BCF members within these regions were better served as a seperate body and member of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).


The WCU currently consists of:


(a) County Associations or Zones within the geographical area of Wales which have been admitted to the Union (currently five) - Gwent, East Glamorgan, West Wales, Dyfed and the The Chester And District League. 


(b) Registered Members


(c) Honarary Members


(d) Other Welsh Chess organisations approved by the Management Board e.g. Welsh Correspondencve Chess Federation


The WCU is currently managed by a Management Board and, within that, committees responsible for Home, International, Junior, Publicity, Development and Womens Chess.