Rules WKO Cup 2012-2013

   Rules for the Welsh Knock-Out Cup 2012-13






1. Sections


The sections for the 2012-13 Welsh Knock-Out Cup will be:-


  1.  Open
  2.  U1800
  3.  U1500


2. Teams


(a)     Each team is to be made up of 4 players to represent a club whose home venue is in Wales.


(b)    A player may play for only one team in each section. If a club enters more than 1 team in a section the players for each team are not interchangeable.


(c)     All players must be registered with the WCU.  The club must be represented in a Welsh zonal league, and players must be registered with that zone. In the context of the KO Cup North Wales is considered to be a ‘zone’.


(d)     Teams should primarily consist of players from their own club and registered with the WCU by that club.


         However, players from other clubs not participating in the Welsh Knock-Out Cup but registered with the WCU, can be included, but should not complete more that 25% of the team.


3. Eligibility/Board Order


(a)        The grade for each section is as follows:-


  1.   Open   No limit
  2.  U1800 1799 or below
  3.  U1500  1499 or below
  4.  U1200  1199 or below


(b)     The player’s grade for the duration of the competition is as published by the WCU on 1st July 2012.


(c)     Any player not satisfying (b) and playing in the U1800 or U1500 events must have written clearance (email is acceptable) prior to playing, from the Tournament Controller,  who will give the player an estimated grade on advice from a zonal WCU grading officer.  Such clearance and the grade allocated will remain valid for the remainder of the event. 


(d)     A player must have played in at least 2 matches for the club in the relevant Zonal league in the current or previous season before playing in any Welsh KO Cup competition. A guest player must have played in at least 2 matches for his own club in the relevant Zonal league in the current or previous season before playing in any Welsh KO Cup competition. 


(e)     In setting board order, captains can use their discretion within a maximum of 80 points.


4. Substituted Players


If a named player has not appeared after the start of the match, then a substitute player may be fielded. This will be allowed up to 30 minutes into the match and the substituted player will be subject to the Eligibility/Board Order rules unless the consent of the opposing captain has been obtained – this must be indicated when sending in the result.


5. Colour on Boards

The teams will toss a coin at the venue and the winner will play white on Boards 1 and 3, and black on Boards 2 and 4.


6. Length of Play


(a)        The time limit for matches played on week days is 35 moves in 75 minutes plus an extra 15 minutes play to finish.


(b)        The time limit for matches played on weekends and for the Finals is 36 moves in 90 minutes plus an extra 30 minutes play to a finish.


Any other time limits can be agreed upon for matches other than the Final, as long as it is a minimum of 3 hours and both captains agree.

In all rounds except the finals, where no arbiter is present, FIDE rules relating to rule 10.2 (the "two minute rule") where no arbiter is present apply. These state:


D. Quickplay finishes where no arbiter is present in the venue


Where games are played as in Article 10, a player may claim a draw when he has less than two minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls. This concludes the game.
He may claim on the basis:

  1. that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and/or
  2. that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means.

In a) the player must write down the final position and his opponent verify it.
In b) the player must write down the final position and submit an up to date scoresheet. The opponent shall verify both the scoresheet and the final position.
The claim shall be referred to an arbiter whose decision shall be final.




7. Match Result


(a)        In the case of a 2-2 draw between the teams, the winner will be decided by the Bottom Board Elimination (BBE) method.  Unless a team has defaulted a board, in which case the team with the highest defaulted board will lose.


(b)        If all four boards are drawn then the games will immediately be played again reversing the colours. Each player will have 5 minutes within which to complete all moves.  In the case of a 2-2 draw Bottom Board Elimination will again be used to decide the winning team.


(c)        If after the Quickplay the tie remains deadlocked with all four boards drawn, then the winning team will be the team that lost the original coin toss for board colour (i.e. the team that had black on Board 1 at the start of the match).


8.  Unfinished Matches


In the event of an unfinished match (e.g. severe bad weather) if 35 moves or more have been played then the individual games will be adjudicated.


If fewer than 35 moves have been played, then the game will be re-played at a later date with the venue reversed (i.e. away team now plays at home).


Colours, however, will not be reversed.


9.  Match Results


(a)        The preferred method for submitting Match results is by email or by using the match card on the WKO website. However, results can be sent by first class post to the Tournament Director within 5 days of the match.


(b)        If only one team sends a result then they will be awarded the match.


(c)        If neither team sends a result then both teams will be eliminated from the competition.


10.  Dates and Venues


(a)  When sending out the draw for each round, the Tournament Controller will set a date for each round by which all matches must be completed.


(b)  Arranging the match:


(i)    The Home team must within a week of receiving the draw - offer a minimum of 3 dates within the limit stipulated by the Tournament Controller.


For teams whose home venues are over 40 miles apart, 2 of these must be on a weekend.


(ii)  Where away teams are more than 40 miles apart, the away team can insist on a half-way venue.  If they wish to do so, the Away team must within a week of receiving the draw - offer a minimum of 3 dates within the limit stipulated by the Tournament Controller, 2 of these must be on a weekend.


In this case, the Away team must arrange the venue; provide boards, sets, and clocks; and meet all the costs of the venue.


If the home team has failed to make contact within the stated period the away team captain can choose to make contact with the opposing Captain or contact the Tournament Controller for further help. 


11.  Date for the Final


The Final will be held on a Saturday in late June or early July.  The date and venue will be published before Easter and be available on the WCU website. 


Captains may apply to the Home Director for special dispensation to rearrange the match.

Holidays arranged after the date has been published will not be classed as reasonable grounds for rearranging the Final!


12. Draw


A random draw will be made by the Tournament Controller for each round in the presence of another board member or a Welsh qualified arbiter. There will be a minimum of 2 people present at the draw.


13.  Plate and Cup


  1. (a)In the event that the number of teams entered is not in sequence A – 2, 4, 8, 16 etc, then a Preliminary Round (PR) will be necessary.


The number of matches in the Preliminary Round will be the number of teams entering the section less the highest available number in sequence A. 


(e.g. if 13 teams enter there will be 13-8=5 matches involving 10 teams - in the preliminary round.)


  1. (c)The following will also apply


  1. (i)Winners in the Preliminary Round proceed to round 1, losers will be entered in the plate competition.


  1. (ii)Losers in Round 1 will also be entered in the plate competition.


  1. (iii)Wherever possible pairing in the Preliminary Round will not be repeated in Round 1 of the plate.


  1. (d)Teams defaulting in the Preliminary Round or in Round 1 will not be entered in the plate competition.



14.  Penalties


  1. (a)Any team which fields an ineligible player will lose theIf this occurs in either Round 1 or the Preliminary Round, the team will remain eligible to play in the Plate competition.


  1. (b)Any team which uses an inappropriate board order will have games scored 1-0 to the opponents from the highest board where the indiscretion occurred, down to boardGames will be rated normally.


  1. (c)A team defaulting board 1 will have 1 point deducted from their final match score. If a team defaults either board 2 or 3 then they will deducted ½ point for each infringement.


These penalties are cumulative, but are NOT added to the opponents score. The penalties are in addition to a 1-0 default result.



15.  Fees


For 2012, the entry fee is £12 for one team, £20 for two teams and £24 for three teams.




16.  Director


The competition will be run by the Home Director and his/her appointed representative.any situations not covered by the rules will be determined by the Home Director’s discretionary decisions.


17.  Appeals


Appeals against the Tournament Controller’s decisions will be referred to the Chief Arbiter of the WCU, or his nominee.



Kevin Staveley

WKO Tournament Controller 2012-13