Welsh Junior Qualifier 3 2nd November 2014

In the under 12s, first place went to Chirag Guha with 6, followed by Susanna Fraser, who scored 5 and Duncan MacDonald, who scored 4. In the under 11s, Merlin Davies scored 6, followed by Cian Grattidge, who netted 4 points. The winner of the under 10s was Nayana Kalavala, with a score of 6. Joel Chung scored 5, followed by three players on 4 points: Hiya Ray, Kory Thomas and Adam Ahmad Azm. Joint winners of the under 9s were Nye Bradfield and Ellison Smith, both scoring 4. The winner of the under 8s was Ethan Chung with a score of 6. Daniel Chung came second with 5, followed by Jonathan Davies with 4.