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  Welsh Seniors Championship and South Wales Summer Congress


27th - 29th August

 Penarth Conservative Club

Entry Form downloadable from Events page




 Entrants for Seniors and Summer Congress





SENIORS:  Peter Bevan, Chris Dixon, Bob Hurn, Dai James, Kevin O'Rourke, Ian Reynolds, Nigel Saunders, Robert Taylor, Rudy Van Kemenade, David Williams


OPEN:   Walter Braun, Paul Bridges (1), Tom Brown, Alex Bullen, Steve Christmas (1), Lee Davis, Joe Fathallah, Guy Wagner (1), Tihana Ivekovic, Nayana Kalavala (1), Tim Kett (1), Deio Parri (1), Ian Reynolds, David Robinson, Shayanna Sivarajasingam, Venetia Sivarajasingam, Matthew Staniforth, Grzegorz Toczek, David Turner, Julie Van Kemenade


MAJOR:   Stephen Bonutto, Rosie Christmas (1), Kimberly Chong, Daniel Chung, Joel Chung, John Cox (1), Gareth Davies, Scott Hammett, Benjamin Jaberansari (1), Daniel Jaberansari (1), Jeremy Jones, Richard Livermore, Callum Penny (1, 2, 3), Liam Penny (1, 2, 3), Morgan Rees, David Roberts, Keiron Roberts, Peter Watkins  

Chessjournal app (Iphone users only!)

The WCU has received a request from an app developer (John Fisher who plays in the Bristol and District Chess League).


He has developed a chess database app for Iphone users (initially) and later Android users.


The app is called Chessjournal and is available for download from Apples's App Store here and costs £1.49p.


John would welcome feedback from users regarding the app.


More information can be found at the website here.


There is also a blog for the app here.


The facebook page is here.


The twitter account is here.


   Please advertise your event, send in your chess news, results and photos to the webmaster